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Discussion in 'Bisexual' started by cerridwen, Jan 10, 2005.

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    I've a friend who's a lesbian, and we've been friends for nearly 15 years. We've never had sex or anything, we've always had a very platonic relationship...

    Anyway, ever since I got married, she's been obsessed with the idea of her, my husband and I being involved in a threesome, because she wants to have sex with me. (She's not really interested in having sex with a guy, although she's curious, it's been a while since she's had sex with a guy...)

    Point being, it's interferring with our friendship. She even has a girlfriend who's mildly annoyed about her wanting to have sex with me... I've had a couple serious sit downs with her about not wanting to go through with it... But I'm considering ending the friendship because of this.. am I wrong to do so?
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    not if she's messing up three relationships at once and you've talked to her about it and nothing has changed.
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    All you can do is be blunt with her about not liking the idea and it will never happen. Say you feel weird because shes your friend, and you and your husband are not ready to take a step like that. If she still dosnt get it- then she is refusing not to, showing you a lack of respect making you very intitled to end the relationship
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    alright, to clarify, the gay pride colors or w/e is the rainbow right?

    well i have a rainbow beaded bracelet, is that going to offend people? im not gay or bi, im straight, i just like the way the rainbow looks! lol

    cause i dont wanna get beat up or hated upon or something... i wanna be HELLA cool with EVERYONE!!

    this is probably a dumb question.. oh well..

    thanks and laaaaater
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    Mildly dumb question, I'd say, but never a bad thing to check beforehand. Of course there is a tiny chance orthodox people might get offended by it, but in that case, at least in my opinion, they're not worth being cool with anyway. It's only a fucking bracelet and besides, most people really don't seem to give such a damn about sexuality anymore. Beaten up or being treated in a hostile manner, I strongly doubt it, unless you live in a skinhead- / relifundie-ridden area or whatever.

    @ Cerridwen: I agree with BrokenHunny. She shouldn't make you so uncomfortable, but respect your refusal. Unbalancing your friendship like that is foolish of her. Be straightforward when you make this clear to her. If she's really so obsessed with you, she'll rather shut up about it than breaking the bond entirely.
    Good luck. :)

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