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Discussion in 'Protest' started by esperinda agitanto, Jun 6, 2006.

  1. k, i go to a private school, full of pretentious tools. i mean everyone there is such a social-yes-man (or woman). apparently the rules are that guys cant have hair as long as they want but the females can. whats with that? i mean is just some socially acknowledged idea that males cant have long hair. i aint like a fruit or anything, its just i would prefer to have longer hair. my body.

    anyone got any idea how to go about getting some equality going down. only a trivial issue but it aint lovin'.

    esperinda agitanto
  2. mellow jello

    mellow jello Member

    If I were you I would keep it long anyway they can't do anything about it, except punish you. It isn't illegal for men to have long hair, so just use civil disobedience.
  3. dhs

    dhs Senior Member

    Um no, its a private school and in accepting to go there, you have to accept their rules whether you agree with them or not.

    I went to one myself and though they allowed long hair on guys, they still required you to shave unless you were to grow a full beard over a vacation. Back in the 60's, the school I went to did not allow long hair on guys. Joe Perry, the guitarist for aerosmith, actually went to my school and got kicked out during the 60's for refusing to cut his hair.
  4. moonlightdelerium

    moonlightdelerium Senior Member

    Go to a public school. Problem solved.
  5. AcousticPeace

    AcousticPeace Member

    i bet his parents make him go to a private school. what kid honestly would want to go to private school anyway.
  6. Ha! Dude I have the same problem. Private school full of future lawyers and bureaucrats. Guys can't have hair past their shoulders. I got in big trouble when one of the surveillance guys told me to cut my hair. I said, "I'll make you a deal, I'll cut my hair if you brush your teeth". I almost got suspended.
    In the end though I cut it and yeah... For advice, I'd say grow it out and see what they say. If they complain, make them a deal...
  7. tculi

    tculi Senior Member

    i like public schools
  8. Brand New Soul

    Brand New Soul Senior Member

    Keep it long and refuse to cut it! If they try to give you detention don't show they suspend you go to your local paper ...expel you media coverage! Discrimintaion in its purest form!

    I know I sound crazy but thats bullshit! Good luck!
  9. mushroomherb

    mushroomherb Member

    dude thats bull shit! i have hair about as long as the pic to the left, and i get made fun of it by all adults at school and home. just keep it long as fuck, they cant arrest you!
  10. believe

    believe Hip Forums Supporter HipForums Supporter

    If you want long hair then you keep it long. If they have a problem with it well, that's their problem then isn't it? If you're not afraid to deal with the consequences then I would say keep it long. It's your body, your choice.

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