my goldfish "carrot top"

Discussion in 'Pets and Animals' started by seahorse, Jan 15, 2005.

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    hey dudes, i have a goldfish and i'm wondering why he/she hardly eats and doesn't swim around. and NO it's not DEAD...LOL:p

    i keep the water and rocks clean, cold, give him light and I attempt to feed it every second day but it doesn't eat much.:( All it does is stay low in the rocks and breathe. Not a very enjoyable life I'm assuming.

    it's name is carrot top, cause it has a white body and orange head. It's my 4 year old's fish so we're wondering what to do to make his apparently miserable life a little more exciting.:D
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    :D Get him/her a boy/girlfriend.
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    How big an aquarium do you have for it? Does it have places to hide, or is it just a glass bowl with a few rocks? Where did you get it, how old is it? I've heard a lot of pet stores sell less-than-lively fish... Or really all animals' health can be iffy but with mammals it's often easier to see what shape they're in. Always make sure you get your pets from a reputable store!

    Goldfish also don't like living alone, but until you find out if your fish has additional health problems, apart from being lonely, I wouldn't add a second one. You may end up with two sick fish :( has some help on sick goldfish, and has a lot of information on goldfish in general.

    Good luck with Carrot Top!

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