My girlfriend kind of thinks I'm a druggo

Discussion in 'LSD - Acid Trips' started by icecreampheonix, Oct 19, 2010.

  1. Since our last trip, she is a little put off drugs. I was talking to her the other day about tripping alone, and she called me a druggo, and seemed fairly annoyed at me. Last year I went through a period of smoking bongs daily, and she kind of looks down upon me because of that. I've done this before with mushrooms, and I wasn't really happy with the experience. It wasn't the best setting, the dose was pretty small, I didn't have enough weed and I don't really like mushrooms that much. Anyway, how can I get her to see this the right way?
  2. The Meditator

    The Meditator Member

    Explain to her why you do it and ask why she is so negative towards your weed habit.

    I am sure you find a medium where you and her are both happy with the amount you do.

  3. guerillabedlam

    guerillabedlam _|=|-|=|_

    This thread has been done before...

    What is the right way? You have your outlook and she has hers. It sounds like she has even attempted to trip so she doesn't sound all that close minded about it. Just dont make a big deal about it when you want to trip and do it on your own time.
  4. LSD, mushrooms and pot are soft drugs, and it obviously sounds like you're not abusing them. Try presenting information and facts on the matter, and I do know I'm pretty vague and general, but that's a really good way to go about it. There's even a couple of really good documentaries on acid.

    As for pot, this video here convinced me the most on it:"]YouTube - How Cannabis Works

    When I think of druggos I think of people that take a bunch of different drugs that cause harm to their bodies, are feeding addictions and want to get "fucked up".
  5. Omacatl

    Omacatl Senior Member

    Tell your girl to stop being such a judgmental bitch. There are plenty of brilliant minds who have taken psychedelics throughout history and could not be so easily thrown into the "druggo" category. If you got your shit together then she has nothing to complain about.
  6. Albert Hofmann, who first discovered LSD, died at 102 years old.

    And even with pot, which I feel, to be honest, the image is tarnished by a lot of people who do it-it's great to picture talented musicians and others using it in thoughtful, creative manners. Paul McCartney, in fact, still does it a lot.
  7. Reno91

    Reno91 Member

    I used to get some shit from my girlfriend. I'd talk to her while acid was still fresh in my mind about things I was learning and she'd get a bit annoyed, she would just say that it's the acid is talking and really not me. I had to tell her that if she's going to be my girlfriend she should listen to the things I have to say because I always do the same for her. (I have much more relevant things to say than she does anyway.)
  8. Lalakuno

    Lalakuno Member

    Fuck that bitch. Do what you want. There are plenty of fish in the sea.
  9. Overdose

    Overdose Member

    Dose her.
  10. Irminsul

    Irminsul Valkyrie

    Tell her to fuck off!! Drugs are what makes her cool anyway. You wouldn't date a chick if you was sober right???!!!!! I mean C'MON!
  11. guerillabedlam

    guerillabedlam _|=|-|=|_

  12. Yeah that's kind of right. I wouldn't date a girl that didn't do drugs. It'd just be too hard to have fun together. She likes pot and she likes acid and understands that they are pretty harmless. She just doesn't like people smoking weed all the time and being unproductive. Also, she feels people need sober time as well, and doesn't like that I would be high all the time if I could afford it.
  13. PB_Smith

    PB_Smith Huh? What? Who, me?

    She sounds reasonable and intelligent. So whats the problem?
    Do you really NEED to be high all the time?
  14. Spicey Cat

    Spicey Cat DMT Witch (says husband)

    Honesty is always the best policy. You need to be honest with both yourself and her. Education never hurts either. Maximize yours on the materials you choose to consume. You may not be successful in attempting to educate her or anyone else.

    Honesty regarding your feelings, the propaganda, the truth about the drugs, your usage, etc. Hopefully she can take it.

    What if she can't?

    Well, as PB_Smith says, what's wrong with that? What's more important? Her or the high? Should be an easy decision, regardless of what it is.

    The other side of this is - You can do better than this. If she cannot handle your honesty about drugs, things will not go well as the months, years and decades pass and other things come up. Trust me, i know.
  15. Spicey Cat

    Spicey Cat DMT Witch (says husband)

    LOL! i love it when virgins post.
  16. Duck

    Duck quack. Lifetime Supporter

    Damn, and I gave you positive rep too recently to neg you.
  17. Spicey Cat

    Spicey Cat DMT Witch (says husband)

    Hey bro, turnabout is fair play! i didn't neg rep Iriminsul. Be creative, insult me based on the meanness or stupidity of something i have written. No doubt i deserve it and would actually laugh.

    Oh, and since you do not open up your personal page to visitor comments - Thanks for the positive rep!
  18. Duck

    Duck quack. Lifetime Supporter

    I already did ;)

    You didn't laugh.
  19. Spicey Cat

    Spicey Cat DMT Witch (says husband)

    Better late than never, i always say!

  20. IveBeenThere2

    IveBeenThere2 Member

    i agree with you're girlfriend.

    my lsd trips have enlightened me of the 'natural' HIGHS that sober life has. From what you've written throughout you're thread i think you have a pretty cool ladyy. :2thumbsup:

    make more love to her...sober. lol

    and think about what it would b like if the tables were turned...

    look in the mirror my friend..the answer to you're problem is somewhere in there

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