My Friend OD'd... reason to stick with the ganj...

Discussion in 'Marijuana' started by Trippin' Billies, Apr 8, 2007.

  1. Trippin' Billies

    Trippin' Billies Senior Member

    alright, im really stoned right now, so i'll just copy and paste what i just wrote to my buddy on AIM lol

    MilnerJ 82 (11:57:16 PM): its kinda fucked up tho
    MilnerJ 82 (11:57:36 PM): a friend of mine died the friday night
    MilnerJ 82 (11:57:43 PM): isn't that fucked up
    chrispowers223 (11:57:46 PM): u kiddin me
    MilnerJ 82 (11:57:58 PM): na man, i didn't believe it at first
    chrispowers223 (11:58:02 PM): how/
    MilnerJ 82 (11:58:20 PM): long story... i'll try and sum it up...
    MilnerJ 82 (12:01:32 AM): ok, so the weekend two weeks before today (april 9) saturday night, this kid named clint rents out a hotel room and throws a party... so a lot of kids are rollin x and shit and my friend mike ended up eating 5 thoughout the night, got into the shower with a lit cigarette, a strobe light and a beer bottle, ended up having a seisure, we thought he was gonna die, his eyes were rolling into the back of his head and shit... but it turned out, he was alright...
    MilnerJ 82 (12:01:56 AM): now u woulda thought that would have been a wake up call to stop doing hard drugs or wutever, right?
    MilnerJ 82 (12:01:59 AM): wrong
    MilnerJ 82 (12:03:24 AM): same hotel thing friday night... this kid clint had been drinking the entire day and at night popped 4 E's... so he's rolling and then picks up an eightball of yeyo and starts just taking these MONSTER rails... so this kid with a head full of coke and beans just starts goin nuts
    chrispowers223 (12:04:30 AM): jesus
    MilnerJ 82 (12:04:45 AM): so we all left the hotel figureing he would just pass out or wutever... well it turns out he punched out the window and lacerated an artery or sumn... with all the uppers in his system i bet he died in 5 minutes from blood loss
    MilnerJ 82 (12:05:13 AM): the hotel people found him in his hotel room dead on the floor
    MilnerJ 82 (12:05:22 AM): now dude, how fucked up
    chrispowers223 (12:05:24 AM): my god
    chrispowers223 (12:05:32 AM): shits awful
    MilnerJ 82 (12:05:45 AM): yeah...
    MilnerJ 82 (12:06:05 AM): sorry to type so much lol, im stoned
    chrispowers223 (12:06:14 AM): thats insane
    MilnerJ 82 (12:06:44 AM): i know, i thought it was some sort of joke or sumthin but everyone i called said the same thing
    MilnerJ 82 (12:07:07 AM): i guess thats kinda why i stick to ganja
    MilnerJ 82 (12:07:18 AM): i don't even like drinking too much

    sorry if its hard to read... but if u do, take this as an example of what COULD happen if u choose to use harder drugs
  2. CrazedPotHead

    CrazedPotHead Member

    mann... that's fucked i lost a close friend recently too, OD'd on meth and e
  3. soaringeagle

    soaringeagle Senior Member

    same thing i've said a million times on here, ganj is all you need
    ive come close to dying myself from doing dumb shit..
    maybe just 1 15 year old kid will read this & decide that maybe some drugs arent meant to be taken just for giggles..& some can be a deadly joke

    sorry bout your freind
    fight for legalization, legal weed can save so many lives, not only those with medicinal needs, but also those whod probly just smoke a few joints if it was legal instead of od'ing on far more dangerouse substances
  4. TheShow

    TheShow Senior Member

    I'm sorry to hear this, my friend. We send you our best feelings.
  5. Nitrusx

    Nitrusx Banned

    I doubt there was MDMA in those pills.
  6. why do you doubt that? he didnt say anything to that could really lead anyone to form any conclusion about what was in them. if you are going to say because people arent violent on ecstasy then remember that 1) everyone is different 2) he was also drunk and on coke
  7. dudenamedrob

    dudenamedrob peace lily

    terrible story brother, my heart goes out to your friend, his family, and you. ~love and light
  8. wiuf

    wiuf Member

    that's an awful shame and I'm sorry for the loss of your friend. but that's why dangerous drugs should be used more responsibly than it sounds like he was doing.
  9. gaum

    gaum Elephant Orgy

    i send my deepest regards to you and all around you and him
  10. 40oz and chronic

    40oz and chronic 'Nuff Said

    yea some people are natural born idiots.

    one of my friends older brother died recently of cocaine and morphine OD
  11. swazo

    swazo i am amazing.

    sorry man, i know what thats like to a lose a friend.

    it'll get better.
  12. snoopdoggg

    snoopdoggg Member

    that sucks man. my heart goes out to his family and u.

    kinda a weird time to ask this, but from ur sig i always assumed u did white. guess u just like the movie blow?
  13. 420fuchs

    420fuchs speaks the truth.

    That's fucked man, that's crazy. Like Soaringeagle says, "Ganja is all ya need"
  14. neongreen

    neongreen Member

    i think he was trying to say that when you roll your geting more fucked up on the amphetemines or the opiates than you are on mdma, its dangerous
  15. 420fuchs

    420fuchs speaks the truth.

    Ecstasy is one drug, that no one can convince me to do. Not that I'd do meth, or heroin, or any of that kind of other stuff, anyway, but I have a personal vendetta against ecstasy. I've seen the damage it can do first hand to a friend of mine.
  16. thats terrible man, im sorry. ectacy is such a fucked up drug. i took 5 once and i regret it, i puked 3 times and got sick for a day, but thats the worst that happend, im still never gonna touch it again though. its kinda fun to an extent but people do so much stupid shit and abuse it so god damn much. the comedowns a bitch too. i dont really get why people do it so much now days
  17. RancidPunx

    RancidPunx Member

    In my personal opinion,
    Anything's safe in a safe environment.. Now, this has it's exceptions, but overall.. If I was offered X that I KNEW was X and did a safe amount in a house with my pals, I'd run it.
    do you understand what i'm trying to say?
  18. CubanB

    CubanB Member

    Sorry about your friend but from the story you told it seemed like he had it coming. Darwinism at its best.
  19. RealitaT

    RealitaT Member

    ok first of all E can be taken safely, if you take the right amount! MORE ISNT ALWAYS BETTER! most pills are laced with other stims to cut costs and produce a similiar high that unexperienced rollers cant tell the difference... also there are alot of adulterants that when take in higher dose do cause seizures.... PMA or 4 methoxy metamphetamine causes seizures at higher doses and has been identified as the main cause of death in "ectasy" useres. Tada seizures! Tada PMA! dont bash a drug u havent tried which has many therapeutic usages and when taken responsibly is compared to one of the best experiences possible.
    by the way... why would u let your friend take 2-(any really) stimulants... or if not you then his friends? and as ive been researching... coke completely ruins E and alcohols effects are nearly none when taken with cocaine, ectasy and alcohol are not a very good combo.... it spells so much ascedine ignorance....

    anyway sorry bout your loss
  20. Wilson

    Wilson Member

    Dude I live in Stl as well and I saw an article in the paper about your friend. My mom showed it to me and I figured everyone was doing drugs at teh hotel and thats why this happened. Thats wierd that you would post something about it here, but anyways I feel for ya bro. Losing a friend like that isn't fun.

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