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    I am an avid fan of this site. It began as an alternative for a food logue. Many of the foods in their database have misinformation, so I spend quite a bit of time looking for JUST the right ones. I have also taken to adding exercise to my regimen as it can give me a higher calories/day allotment.
    At 60+ I still have to learn and train myself to follow a brand of eating called PORTION control. I allow myself great variety, I just make sure the components are consumed in moderation.
    These days I try to make sure I have dark greens on the menu and have taken to dandelions or rapini. Such easy-to-prepare and versatile cruciferous vegetables; they go well with rice, pasta, or as a side to other stir fried vegetables such as mushrooms, onions, and sweet peppers.
    Are there any websites that you like for healthy food choices or life altering advice?

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