my first shrooms trip-tell me what you think

Discussion in 'Magic Mushrooms' started by sheeprooter, Jan 8, 2005.

  1. sheeprooter

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    i have been looking foward to shrooming now for years. since around my 17th birthday, iv been wanting to do them, but havent really had a chance til now, over 3 years later. i got an 8th about 3 weeks ago and have been looking for the right set and setting to do them, since this is such an important thing to me. i was very scared to try them, since i feel i have a tendancy to bad trip (as iv seen from salvia and morning glory). i have an underlying depression that tends to rear its head in the few trips iv been on. so i finally did it 2 nights ago. i was actually trembling from fright as i took them. heres what i can remember.

    i went over to my best friends house. we live in a rural town, surrounded by forest and about 6 inches of snow and ice. just the way i like it. parents were gone, and my friends sister would be around, which is good since she has a lot of experience with hallucinogens. i put the 8th in a coffee grinder and it instantly turned to dust (never actually used one of those contraptions before, it was surprising how well it works). i did this so i could measure out a half. i took probably more than 1/2 of the 8th and put it in some Brisk Tea, and drank it at 7pm. the rest i wrapped in aluminum foil and put in my pocket.

    me and my friend dressed warm and ventured off down his driveway into the main road, which is pretty dangerous to walk on and we had to dodge the cars careening past us, jumping into snow banks whenever we saw headlights. our determination not to be hit by a car made it a slow walk, and it took us about 20 minutes to get to the old revolutionary war settlement (now a state park) and i could already feel the shrooms coming on. it was at first sort of indefinable, not very strong, but definetly there. i had a big smile on my face. i laughed at the cars as they flew by. as we approached the park, one of the car headlights didnt leave my feild of vision with the car-it stayed wherever i turned my head as a strange light in the distance. it sort of "morphed" a little. it quickly turned into a set of glowing eyes from the distant woods, glaring at me like some kind of evil specter. i knew it wasnt real, and it didnt really scare me.

    when we got to the park entrance, i can remember three giganticly tall evergreen trees that seemed to stand guard over the park. i realized quickly that we were now under the authority of those giants, as not another human besides my friends was anywhere near. our plan was to walk up to to a certain field and try to start a fire. it was not well thought out idea. i honestly cant remember much about our journey to the feild, other than that i was certainly tripping. the sun had set long ago and it would have been pitch black if it hadnt been for the reflective snow. with the low-light, everything was sort of hazy, and it was hard to tell if i was hallucinating or not as a result.

    when we finally found our way to the field, after walking uphill for a ways, we situated ourseles between two pine trees and started on the fire. we had nothing to sit on. we had no firewood, other than a handful of kindling sticks. the breeze made it impossible to light these sticks, but i kept at it, and eventually had them on fire. i just held the sticks in my hand as they burned and shut out my friend, who wouldnt stop talking. asking me every few seconds about what i was experiencing. damn, he was annoying! and he would take it so seriously when i told him to stop asking me. hes my best friend, but as i would learn later in the trip, not the best person to trip around.

    i had forgotten to take my ipod, headphones, and wallet out of my backpack, which my friend used as a seat. oh well. the light soon returned over the distant trees, and as i looked at it, it looked back at me, motionless, but beaming mushroom energy back at me, and i felt rush after rush from this weird being. it wasnt positive or negative, but was definetly the most clear-cut hallucination of my trip.

    we soon wet off back out of the park, and as i left, i noticed the trees were indeed moving and breathing, waving at me. i dont like to use the word "spiritual experience" because it sounds tacky and pretentious, but i remember having one as we left the park. i can only vaguely remember the character of this feeling and wont attempt to describe it. i also felt very hot at this point. i unzipped my coat and felt the urge to take it off. i think i was sweating. yet it was freezing outside. it was very strange seeing the cars again and hearing the music blaring from their radios as they flew by. it was refreshing to once again be back in the realm of people, something familiar, away from the eerie, silent, dead world of the moving trees and light specter. yet at the same time i silently mocked the cars, observing something fundamentally flawed abou humans in general. it was hard not to, as we tried to dodge ton and a half hunks of metal that were extremely noisy and bright (damn headlights!) and would mean instant death if we crossed their paths. one car slowed down and stopped next to us, the window opened, and someone said "hey", then drove off. this was confusing and funny.

    i cant really remember much of everything before we got back to my friends house, and i wish i could, since from here on out, the trip took an extrememly sour note. my friends mom found out that we had "snuck out" (she is the most paranoid mother i have ever known) and she had flipped out when we were gone. so we went downstairs with my friends sister, where my friend made a bad decision: he ate the rest of the shrooms. i dont know why we didnt want him to take them, but me and his sister, lets call her X, intuitively told him not to. he didnt listen. within minutes, his exctiement turned to panic and he was literally shaking on the couch like he was hypothermic, saying "when is it going to end" insecently. he was acting this way just ten minutes after he ate them. in my opinion, if he had eaten baking soda he would have been acting the same way. his bugging out started to bug me out, and X did her best to keep the situation under control. my main concern was the his mom was upstairs, and she under no circumstances was to find out that me, and definetly not her son, we on shrooms!

    i turned to instant messenger for help. but i spent most of my time just staring at the computer screen, not knowing what to do. my trip took a really introspective turn, and for hours all i wanted to do was be alone, but my friend was always there, all panicked and freeking me out. i had a very odd enouncter with a cat. i stared at the cat for minutes, and he stared right back at me, right into my eyes. it was the strangest thing, and i felt the animal was actually communicating with me. like he knew i was tripping and having a bad time. the cat made some unmistakable gestures of compassion to me, and did lighten my mood. i will never look at that cat in the same way again. but i buried my head in pillows as they watched a movie. i was visited by endless thoughts about how much my life sucks and how many bad decisions i have made. it was extremely depressing. i wanted it to end, and knew it would, but i just needed to get to sleep. i was up all night long, it was terrible. at one point i looked at my guitar, at the sticker on it from Coventry, the last phish concert. i couldnt understand why i had placed it on my guitar. why did i revere that two day festival so much? i had had a horrible time, and for any of the seventy thousand others her stood in the mud with me, you know why. i became so angered with myself, thinking i was fake, and that sticker was a representation of it. i told me friend to rip that fucking sticker off. he couldnt believe it. he wouldnt do it. so i did it myself. or tried to. it was stuck on so hard, it wouldnt come off. but i managed to mangle a good portion of it. i wanted this process to somehow make my trip get better, to make the sticker into a scapegoat and destroy it. it didnt work. i promiced myself that the sticker would serve as a reminder that i should never ever try mushrooms or any other hallucinogen again. i spent most of the night wide awake, staring off blankly, not knowing what to do with myself. sleep was such a relief.

    let me know what you think. i wrote this all in a couple minutes and will probably remember a lot later. but most of it i think i will never remember. sorry if iv bored any of you, and thanks for reading
  2. WeeDMaN

    WeeDMaN a pothead

    :O I cant wait till I move to the city(On friday) then Ill be gettin me some zoomers!
  3. PLyTheMan

    PLyTheMan Senior Member

    Until your friend started freaking out it sounded like a good time. One hell of a story though.
  4. kokoyo112

    kokoyo112 Member

    sounds fun until he like started shaking and shit
  5. opaquebubble

    opaquebubble Member

    i once had a cat claw me while i was tripping, can't say i'll really ever like him again.....sorry just my comment.....
  6. ACE

    ACE Member

    Do you regret taking the sticker off now?
  7. Arachne

    Arachne Member

    powerful, strange trip. the last time i tripped shrooms was in boulder, colorado in early january. your experience with the cat reminded me of it. my friend's cats could definitely tell that we were tripping. they were acting strangely and made eye contact with us that was more intense than usual. you're trip sounds like it was pretty awesome though. sorry you had to deal with a freak out though :(

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