my first real shroom trip

Discussion in 'Magic Mushrooms' started by Mr.Writer, Jan 19, 2009.

  1. Mr.Writer

    Mr.Writer Senior Member

    so this weekend i took 2.5g with a friend. we put them into wine glasses filled with squeezed lemon juice and shot it all back, chewing the really big pieces.

    within 5 minutes i could feel that "something's up!" feeling

    within 15 minutes i was going through what felt exactly, 100% the same as an LSD onset, it was uncanny. Probably just the shared feeling of ego slowly becoming looser and swaying in the winds of the mind

    we discussed the effects which included an amazing body high, sort of like the LSD shivers but much more sedate and lazy. We noticed strange sensations in our facial muscles, difficult to describe or explain, not tenseness, not looseness, just interesting.

    colours started brightening like on lsd, everything took that soft aura-filled look, and we were thrilled that it was so similar, since we absolutely love LSD and it changed our lives last time we took it.

    then it happened . . . . within what must have been seconds, the world went from slightly altered to beyond language

    within seconds

    to say that the world was Daliesque is an understatement

    I thought mushroom hallucinations were how they showed in movies and such, I should have known that was bullshit just like the supposed LSD hallucinations are bullshit and nothing like what people say they are

    oh my god

    form meant nothing

    the foreground and the background were one

    things morphed freely into each other

    my friends face become his foot, and his hand, and then he became a fish, and then a tree, and then again forms were lost and there was just visual data that was pure chaos, but in a wonderful, ancient way

    like how the universe looks before we see it

    it completely redefined my concept of vision. i had no idea it was so fluid and changeable.

    that's just what you see though

    the REAL show is what's going on in your mind

    our concepts of selves were destroyed. we had full ego loss for over 4 hours. the sense of self extended outside of me, and into my context. traveller and landscape revealed to be one and the same, a single continuous entity which experiences itself

    even now that i am down i keep this with me and understand that the things i interact with "outside" myself, like a cup of tea or a bowl of marijuana, are as much a part of me as my breath and my love.

    comparing this to acid is simply silly. they are so utterly removed from each other that to even speak of them in the same breath just belies ignorance.

    acid shows you how to live your life in this world . . . shrooms shows you not only what it is that is living that life; ie, shows you what the Self is, but it shows you the whole other spectrum of existence that you didn't know was there. you are thrust into a mental landscape that you can move about freely in, which is as rich and perplexing as our physical universe.

    during that ego loss we were both crying, screaming, groaning, moaning, and writhing. In ecstasy. It was unbelievable. Every single nanosecond was filled with an entire dimension's worth of bliss. at one point we were exhausted, splayed on the ground, writhing and drooling and crying in sheer euphoria, and we somehow managed to say "My god, we've found nirvana . . . why would you ever not want to exist like this?! what being would ever choose to deny this?!"

    it felt like my body was being ripped apart by the force of the big bang between every single quark, but that force was made of sheer light, warmth, love, enlightenment, peace, joy, bliss, all those things yet so much more

    i am dumbstruck by psilocybin. LSD really is much, much less intense and less epic.

    the place you go to on shrooms is ancient . . . ancient in a way that space is vast, in a way you can't quite wrap your mind around . . . it is the place that exists before there are places to exist. you can bring language to LSD and use it and it works, albeit weakly

    language is a joke on shrooms. you realize you are trying to bring a recent (100,000 years?) vocal apparatus to study the very thing from whence not only it came from, but you came from, and universe came from. It's like trying to use a telescope to see into heaven, it is simply impossible due to an inherent weakness in the apparatus.

    in that sense the experience was more difficult than LSD, and our minds are so trained to box everything into language that thought loops abound, though i found that considering what you are going through to be pre-understanding helps so much.

    I have never felt that much raw pleasure in my life. both me and my friend had the classic "this is never going to end!" thought, but i was in such a state of pure blinding white light that i thought "Good, what better way to die is there?".

    it was so good i was ready to die right then and there, without exaggeration.

    i truly believe i experienced one of the highest points a human being can reach in their lives

    a state of true, complete oneness with everything, to the point that i spilled a drink several times during the peak and it was ok, because i am the cup, and i am the drink, and i am the floor, and i am the act of spilling, and i am the thought that says "oh shit you spilled it" and i am the . . . etc.

    lsd strips away the psychic clothes we put on and shows us that some of them were in fact unnecessary and slowing us down . . . but psilocybin grabs the naked psyche, enmeshes it with the universe it is in, fractalizes it to cover infinity equally as a solid mesh or awareness, and then fills each nook and cranny of that fractal awareness with raw, blinding, primal light

    All we could repeat through tears and cosmic belly laughs and yelps of pleasure is "I am that which is! I am that which is!"

    i prostrate myself deeply before the awesome might of the little brown entity

    also there is nausea :hat:
  2. DroneLore

    DroneLore h8rs gon h8, I stay based

    That's awesome man, what a trip for 2.5 gs! I love the shroom body high, even though all the squirming can get a little tiresome.

    RELAYER mādhyamaka

    Welcome Mr. Writer.
    I knew youd make it :tongue:
    The most intense trip in my life, light years beyond ANY psychedelic experience with any chemical, was on 1/8th of cubes. I've had way more potent mushrooms, and way more amounts, but you can never rest assured with them. Them little temples will shatter your world to infinity when you least expect it.
    God bless
  4. Archemetis

    Archemetis Senior Member

    the lemon shot for whatever reason really gets you there.
  5. neodude1212

    neodude1212 Senior Member

    man, I need to start doing drugs again
  6. neodude1212

    neodude1212 Senior Member

    you weren't drinking orange juice were you? :tongue:
  7. Mr.Writer

    Mr.Writer Senior Member

    pfft why would i drink myself brah
  8. there arent even words in teh english language that can come miles close a boom trip i want to thank you mr writer im currently on the phone ordering mushrooms just because of this thread i need wat u discribed again
  9. Feelings Of U4ia

    Feelings Of U4ia Senior Member

    Wow, your username fits you perfectly. That was the most beautiful, magical, mystical, amazing trip report I have ever read. It's the first time I was TRULY jealous that I wasn't you, and that I hadn't experienced that, like you did.

    Well done sir, this was amazing. The whole time I was just envisioning what you were going through, and just thinking about it through your eyes...made it an emotional experience for ME. That was insane. I tripped off of a trip report.

    Thank you for this, really.



    Best quote ever.
  10. f(x)

    f(x) Member

    I also took shrooms this weekend and had the same thing.
  11. Feelings Of U4ia

    Feelings Of U4ia Senior Member

    Good trip report! You had the same exact trip as him? Amazing!

  12. f(x)

    f(x) Member

    yes, no joke though, we were together.

    One thing struck me the most today (the day after). I woke up so refreshed and remained refreshed despite having a hectic day, and have had ZERO urge to get high tonight. It is uncanny. I have been on quite a binge, and don't usually react so well to cold turkey removal.
    I have no withdrawal symptoms or desire to smoke, and the two weeks leading up to today have been my heaviest smoking days ever (pretty much every day, several bowls). I wonder how long this will last...
  13. Mr.Writer

    Mr.Writer Senior Member

    yeah f(x) is my friend who ate them with me

    and thank you u4ia lol, "i tripped off a trip report" thank you :D

    f, i guess there's no secret, we might get huge urges or we might not, but we can stop even through those huge pulls, i've done it before, much easier when you run out, because then getting more requires calling a dealer blah blah blah . . . easier to say no to that than no to a joint in your room

    RELAYER mādhyamaka

    Tat Tvam Asi
    "Thou art that"
  15. porkstock41

    porkstock41 stay positive and love your life ~311

    no need to be are him.

    this reminds me of a trip i had on 2ce. i was feeling things that were happening to my buddy that was tripping with me. he was eating pizza...i felt chunks of it in my mouth (i didn't eat any til after this). he blew a line of oxy...i felt it go up my nose (i didn't do any at all).

    i was feeling connected to everyone on the planet (and elsewhere?). it's times like that that you can't even imagine doing harm to someone else, cuz you'd be harming yourself.

    when i was able to speak i said to my friend "i never knew i was you dude."
  16. Feelings Of U4ia

    Feelings Of U4ia Senior Member

    I wish my brain wasn't a fucking pussy, and that I could trip.

  17. Mr.Writer

    Mr.Writer Senior Member

    One week follow up.

    My every day life has changed as much as it changed after my strong LSD trip, which is to say a lot.

    The LSD lifetime changes were attitudinal, conceptual, and an ability to expand and relate on and to things to an almost arbitrary degree, much, much more than I could before it. In other words a spike in creativity as applied to every little thing in your life. Challenges become fun games . . . fights become epic battles that you may win or lose, either of which is glorious and worthy and fills you with purpose. Etc.

    The shrooms have gone behind all that, behind the scene as it were, and mashed that creativity into my subconcious so that I don't even have to think about doing it, I just automatically think of things and do things in ways that most people don't and can't.

    But the biggest change was that for this whole week now, and with no end in sight, I am filled with such a stupific amount of love, benevolence, kindness, and warmth, that I often walk around with a stupid grin on my face, thinking things like "May the ten thousand things bless the ten thousand things" and I mean it.

    When I say hello, goodbye, have a nice day, can i help you, all these things, i MEAN them, and with ALL MY HEART.

    LSD brought my mind to a higher place and pulled me out of the swamp of ignorance. Shrooms brought my heart to a higher place and pulled me out of the swamp of emotional bankruptcy.

    If you believe in chakras, then my heart chakra is spinning with utter abandon and folly and delight in a wild orgasmic orgiastic cosmic belly dance.

    I love you all :)
  18. Desos

    Desos Senior Member

    i wish i could find some shrooms :(

    my acid connect even fell through recently. his phone got disconnected or something. now all i have is these 10 hits leftover that ive been saving, even though they ought to last me for a while.

    i will find some shrooms!

    although, i get to start smoking weed again in a few weeks... so that will probably keep me plenty content :D :D :D

    RELAYER mādhyamaka

    For me, the virtue comes in and out in waves as experienced, but is always present in my mind, waiting for me to give into it.
    If I dont keep up in my meditation, in any form, it hits me and showers emotions out of nowhere, and trails off after a few hours every couple of days.
    But as the quote in my signature implies, I can never again view reality in a negatlive way. It's only myself which needs to remember
  20. Kizen

    Kizen Member

    this post filled me with the best kind of insanity! :)

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