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Discussion in 'LSD - Acid Trips' started by dacre4, May 24, 2007.

  1. dacre4

    dacre4 Member

    so the other day, me and a friend took lsd. At first i was very nervous, knowing that i would start tripping soon. So after we take a few bong rips of some great weed, i start noticing some odd feelings. Everything started shifting around kinda like feeling drunk but way different. Soon after that i started noticing that i had felt very "light" as if i felt like a feather. As this was going on i felt myself slipping into more of a dream like state.

    So during this we were sitting outside, and thankfully it was as beautiful of a day as could be, so as i start to come up, while i had the feelings of lightness, i started noticing more and more colors that i had never seen before. So as i was sitting there in the perfect enviroment of nature, i had looked at a point where the sun was shining on the ground with the trees and the grass, and so i started noticing the bright colors that i had never ever seen before. (i am colorblind i dont know if that has to do with it) But when i was seeing these colors i had known that it was THE MOST BEAUTIFUL THING ever!! From then on it started to hit me good, but during these first few hours it was the most beautiful experience ever. Its like i knew i was in my body and stuff but what i was feeling was gotta be the most indescribable feeling ever, (but ima try to describe lol) its like i was the spirit controlling my body. Because i remember i felt as if i was more alive/real/concious than i had ever imagined possible. I remember seeing patterns everywhere colors everywhere.

    I remember when i started to try touching my own hands i kept noticing that i couldnt feel anything. My hands were completely numb that was kinda a weird feeling but it was cool.

    One thing i realized is that the scenery you are in, greatly determines everything. Like being inside and being outside where two whole entire different worlds. And when we were outside, its like every scene that i had seen was completely different/unique from the other scene. I could walk a few steps, then turn around, and the whole area was just completely new than what i had just seen.
    I really wanna explain that feeling but its just soo hard. The feeling where everything is so so real and its like your actual soul can see and feel everything 100 times better. Then i remeber That when you start touching stuff/material that you can almost feel yourself falling into that world of material. ex:kitchen counter, the carpet floor, the cat.

    This had to be like the most amazing/spiritual thing that i have ever been through. The most amazing/spiritual parts was when i had seen the new colors, especially being outside looking up at the trees everything was wayy more beautiful than i had ever thought was possible. All of this special stuff happened within the first three hours or so. Especially right when it started. It seriously felt as if i was in heaven, throughout alot of it, or somewhere very similar.
    Also i must admit that i had felt anxious throughout most of the trip. It was that, and another thing i diddnt like about it was i felt wayy more retarded than i am comfortable with. But i would most definately say that the good had outweighed the bad by a longshot.

    So after the 4 hours, i started to comedown and this part was pretty lame i just had a big headache, and was extremely burnt out. But for the rest of the night i felt very amazed and enlightened at what i had seen/felt.

    I will definately be doing it again in the future, but very rarely, for the sake of those spiritual feelings i now finally understand the spiritual side of lsd is.
  2. dacre4

    dacre4 Member

    Also i will add that my time and memory was really fucked up. I remember everything i did, and everywhere i went, but very vividly like i was in one spot doing something and then time speeds up then it slows down then speeds up again. This is what i meant by feeling retarded it was so weird. Of course i doubt you will understand that unless uve done it.
  3. Box Of Rain

    Box Of Rain Member

    my first acid trip was out of this world.

    i never thought it would be as strong as it was.
    i heard from others that it doesnt always work the first time so i just took 1 gel tab and wow was it a vibrating colorful wild experience.
    ill never forget it.
    i never thought 1 would be so strong.
    it hasnt been the same ever since though.
    2-3 don't even produce the same effect as the first time when i just took 1.
  4. PsychMyke

    PsychMyke Senior Member

    Box of Rain, has anyone ever told you that your eyes are absolutley beautiful
  5. PsychMyke

    PsychMyke Senior Member

    and first trip altered the course of my life forever.
  6. dacre4

    dacre4 Member

    yup i agree it changed the way i think for the better i feel refreshed and enlightened. But i dont think i changed that much i still feel the same as i did before right now. Mabey its because since ive done salvia alot my mind is used to change in conscious.
  7. PsychMyke

    PsychMyke Senior Member

    I was always interested in acid bfore i tryed it, but my perceptions on how i thought it was going to be were so different then what it actually was.

    And yet, It was such a strange sensation. While i was tripping, it was almost like i had been in that state before. I was in such a state of deja vu, i felt like i knew exactly what was going on, and like i was fimiliar with it, when in reality it was unlike anything i had ever felt before. I understood so much in the time span of a split second. It was almost as if the cosmos was lining up directly above me, and i understood my place in the greater picture of the was wild...i love acid :-D

    Also i remember comming to a crazy revelation and about the 60's, and why everything was the way it was....why everyone acted the way they did, the colors and flamboyancy of everything. And how LSD played such a large part in the decade as a whole. It all came together before my eyes like pieces to a puzzle..
  8. alchemist357

    alchemist357 Member

    I remember probably my 10th time tripping. I went and saw Static X and Stone Temple Pilots in at a festival totally fried out of my gord at the stage. That was an awsome day to say the least.
  9. HoodHop

    HoodHop Member

    good read.. ima take acid once my friend gets some lol
  10. JohnnyATL

    JohnnyATL Banned

    yeah the only thing about acid that i dont like is the anxious feeling. I feel like all i want to do is go from one thing to the next. I also dont like my mind to still be thinking like crazy in the 8th hour of tripping when im ready for it to stop.

    I couldnt imagine living in the sixties and being a acid freak...thats why the who haight ashbury scene in san fran collapsed to begin with. Acid makes you primal. It makes you want to only do what is nessecary. Thats why i always feel awkward in groups of people that arent tripping...they try to carry on normal conversations and you dont give a fuck what they are saying.
  11. squirell tree

    squirell tree Member

    that feeling is your good friend acid :)
  12. dacre4

    dacre4 Member

    yeah thanks for the feedback people. Some things i would like to add: I know that i mentioned the word beautiful many times in that but the truth is i never use that word in my vocabulary, but i really cant think of any other word for it but it was just more than beautiful it also is the feeling. I honestly dont know of a word that can describe it other than mabey "incredible".

    Yeah also something else that blows your mind is music you gotta have loud ass music with alot of bass.

    oh and also when i say im colorblind im not actually colorblind, i see most colors fine and have a colorful world. But i did fail a few colorblind tests so my eyes have trouble identifying some colors.
  13. PsychMyke

    PsychMyke Senior Member

    HAHa oh i could...i dream about how crazy it would be actually....I feel so at home when I trip. I can fry anywhere, people who arnt tripping dont bother me, as long as im not stuck with them throughout the whole trip. I can fry byself, at a party, with a big group, small group, whatever...i love tripping so much. Some people say they feel crazy or insane but i feel the exact opposite. It's like when I trip i get this glowing feeling that I understand everything, and for that one moment everything makes sense and im doing something right. And i can see things for how they truly are. Pretty sure ive been through this already in this thread so ill stop :-D

    If i lived in the Height in its hayday i prolly wouldnt comedown...Unfortunatly i have to cut back on my because my HPPD is out of control, and to be honest i dont want to permatrip cool as it sounds, its something i foresee getting in the way of my future career plans.

    But I like the psychedelic scene nowadays, to be honest...The hippies in the 60's needed the acid more then we do. I mean i could never imagine no CD's, no glowsticks, no ipods to walk around and trip raves...shitty pot...No MDMA (prolly a good thing)..they had woodstock, but that was just a madhouse...there are all kinds of festivals everywhere nowadays....No underground hiphop....NO TOOL!!! god....ide take my own life...
  14. Box Of Rain

    Box Of Rain Member

    thank you.
    ive heard things from your eyes are beautiful to my eyes are a wierd color.
  15. ethereal

    ethereal Member

    hahaha.... i had that exact revelation! everything around me looked like it was painted with that crazy sixties wallpaper... i remember saying (or trying to say) "i feel like im in the sixties"
  16. JohnnyATL

    JohnnyATL Banned

    Yeah before my connect could get acid, the only psychedelics that i used were mushrooms and mdma, but what really fucked me up was when i was selling some of the cid, and the dude took two and called me and told me shit wasent going on so i figured it was bunk.

    After this call i said fuck it and dropped 5 hits of some colorful blotter that i received...this next part is the funny part. driving down the highway with a mouthful of acid, and as im chewing it up like 30 mins later the guy calls me back and is like...."Im fucked up" so immediatly i knew i was in for a crazy trip.

    to make a long story short i tripped a party at UGA with like 50 people getting drunk as hell for really unsusually fucking hard 12+ hours

    I guess thats why i am kinda weary about tripping with alot of people
  17. PsychMyke

    PsychMyke Senior Member

    haha yeah, five hits is alittle heavy of a dose to be driving around partying on...if im going out on acid sometimes ill just take one to elevate my mood. no more then two. Or if i dose high i dont go out till the trip has winded down a notch you know
  18. squirell tree

    squirell tree Member

    when im on acid and im with friends i always think theyre talking shit about me or something. so i just start saying "fuck you all thats not funny" and theyre like "what are you talking about" its kinda funny
  19. hip_peace

    hip_peace Senior Member

    The first trip is for sure one of kind

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