My first grow so far

Discussion in 'Grow Room Pix and Journals' started by stinkerpot, Aug 17, 2005.

  1. stinkerpot

    stinkerpot Member

    Please let me know what ya think..first timer here.
  2. stinkerpot

    stinkerpot Member

    tons more pics
  3. stinkerpot

    stinkerpot Member

    White Russian
  4. stoneruk

    stoneruk Member

    looks dam good for first time nice thick stems should be some nice bud
  5. SirTokesAlot

    SirTokesAlot Lives

    Fuckin crazy man... bet the smell reeeeeeeeeks
  6. Golden Avatar

    Golden Avatar Member

    The first pic looks a lttle crowded, with the third one looking like you could fill it up a little. Was this weeding out the males?

    I couldn't comment on your set up, but the plants look healthy enough looking at the top leaf structure. If I was to be reeeeeal picky I could comment, but this is your first grow so if your security is ok, just keep going, enjoy it, reep it, and enjoy the results. Don't look for negative comments or change your methods when this far in cause you're doing very very well for a first grow. Get some more pics just before harvest and ask again.

    All I can say is you must have read about getting into this. When I started my first grow I'd read for soooo long and sooo much my head spun. The results were people didn't believe my first grow was in fact my first, and it looked very similar to yours.

    Keep going bro, I admire your first effort.

    Have you something on the go ready for flower or are you to use the room for vegging too?

  7. fishheadbob

    fishheadbob Member

    you got rookie of the year sewn up, that's what I think.
  8. BenZo

    BenZo Member

    looks good...........keep up the good work!!
  9. "Hell'a" nice first grow stinker'! Props to ya'.
    Looks like a nice clean setup, too.
    You know, some reflective material(eg flat white paint or mylar) lining your space, will increase the effeciency of your light.
  10. WishIWasAHippie

    WishIWasAHippie Senior Member
  11. Is that white widow?

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