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Discussion in 'MDMA - X' started by DjString, Feb 2, 2009.

  1. DjString

    DjString Member

    best songs to listen to while on e
    The hypno-Floorfilla
    The Return-Dj Coone
    Hardcore Vibes-Dune
    Free-Dj Quicksilver
    Call on Me-Eric Prydz
    Around the world/Harder Better Faster Stronger-Daft Punk
    One More Time/Aerodynamic-Daft Punk
    One Night in Bangkok(French XXL Mix)-Vinylshakerz
    THE CREATION(2007 Remix)-Atlantic Wave
    Boten Anna-Basshunter

    this is my favorite playlist to listen to while rollin now you tell me yours so i can add some good songs
  2. polya

    polya Member

    eric morillo - dance i said

    booka shade - body language

    guns n roses - paradise city

    dj chus - we play house music
  3. bmw5233

    bmw5233 Member

    My favorite past time is to spin records with one of my best friends. It'll be me and him throwing down tracks for hours with the speakers thumpin.

    Then at the end of the night we put on some chill shit and relax.

    Nothing like it.

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