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Discussion in 'Exotic Psychedelic Plants' started by TokeTrip, Aug 29, 2005.

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    Soon to be posted at erowid, but until then...
    Syrian Rue seeds:
    They are different than anything else i've taken. For me:
    Borderline dose: 1/2 tablespoon
    Good dose: 3/4 tablespoon
    hard dose: 1 tablespoon
    bad dose: 1.5 tablespoon

    The effects:
    Borderline dose: Aside from the horrible taste in my mouth, barely anything. I understand a feel music a little bit more, but the effects don't outweigh the taste.

    Good Dose: I feel high ina bout 30 minutes. An hour later, I feel like I'm coming down, but I don't. At an hour and a half, I go sky high. Tracers, and I mean big tracers, brighter lights, louder sounds. Music becomes part of me. My personal favorite dose. 7 minutes seems like an hour.

    Hard dose: Major tracers, closing eyes become necessary, or the lights hurt. The trip lasts for about 3 hours at climax, starting about an hour from taking. Tracers, music sounding godlike, everything. Closed eye visuals, last time I saw strawberries on the ceiling.

    Bad Dose: Major spitting up. Have to close eyes, lights to bright. I had to go to sleep. I was still tripping hard when I woke up, and continued to for about 15 hours. I didn't get any euphoria, and felt sick. Music was my only relief, and it sounded deep. I didn't like it at all.

    Yopo (ordered from bouncing bear botanicals): Yopo is NOT cebil. Peregrina has 5meodmt and dmt whereas cebil has bufotenine. I smoked 3 seeds out of a bong, and went to the moon. Heavy both closed an open eye visuals, euphoria for an hour afterwards.
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    Friend of mine actualy tried Yopo a while back(Lucky bastard.)

    Oddly enough,he had some at a Laser Light Show at the local Planeterium.From what he can vaguely remember,he said the high was so vivid and intense,he thought he was lost and floating around in space.

    I had a Syrian Rue tea brew before.A moderate dose,but I had a strange sense that my body was undergoing an invisible transformation,Lights were another thing too.I kept seeing the outlines of inscets.

    Been meaning to try it some time.Maybe Yopo too.
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    I have 150g of syrian rue in my room right now, along with 225g of mimosa hostilis root bark. I plan on starting the diet this week and making some mimosahuasca this weekend.

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