My experience the first time smoking angel trumpets (datura)

Discussion in 'Exotic Psychedelic Plants' started by ImperorTrip, Aug 3, 2013.

  1. ImperorTrip

    ImperorTrip Guest

    As you may know, Angel trumpets are a delirient. Coming from the word "delirium" . You'll understand this word by the end of reading this. So here's what happened. The Datura my friend and I consumed was smoked through a pipe we hit a few bowls and neither of us really felt anything, so I took the rest of the angel trumpets and went home (he kept about half).

    So Im walking to my house right and Chris (my friend mentioned above) says "yo!" I turn around to see him running up behind me, and surprised I say "Yo what's up? I thought you went inside?" He tells me about how his mom was bitching him out as he lights up a cigarette, I listened to him and talked back as we walked towards my house, I told him he could crash there because of how bitchy his mom was being. At about this point we were just talking about shit and passing the cig back and forth, I remember taking a big puff and exhaling, seeing the smoke blow away into the wind. I went to flick the cigarette to get rid of the ash and it was gone. I thought I dropped it and turned around and started to look on the ground to find it, "hey dude did you see where I dropped the cig?"... No answer. I look around frantically trying to find my friend only to realize that he never existed. And neither did that cigarette. I had a complete mindfuck and walked home, smoked 4 more bowls of the stuff and then layed down and went into a deep state of meditation. I saw crazy patterns, beautiful, intricate patterns. I felt like I was looking into my soul. It was amazing. I got up though to go to the bathroom and while I was pissing I looked over to see my sister in the bathroom staring at me and I was like

    Wtf bruh!? I look down finish pissing and zip myself up, I look back and my sister is gone and my friend Mike is in the bathroom, we have a short conversation and while Im washing my hands I look up and he's gone. Lol Crazy shit. I layed back down and continued my trip as I fell asleep.

  2. ericmst18

    ericmst18 Guest

    wow thats crazy, were you able too overall control your self with this mind fuck? this stuff grows all over my town but never been interested by its effects. i thought smoking didn't work i guess it does then wow thats cool tho
  3. slappysquirrel

    slappysquirrel Senior Member

    be careful w/ that shit you can die from ingesting it,,

    and i even read about some kid in germany that was tripping ballz on it, and cut his wang off!!
  4. guerillabedlam

    guerillabedlam _|=|-|=|_

    That sounds really bizzarre. Invisible cigs is like the hallmark of a datura trip.
  5. deleted

    deleted Visitor

    i smoke a doobie datura every couple days when the humidity is high,, helps me breath better.. but I havent a clue what the hallucination stuff is. Takes much more the actives inside.. like drinking the shit. smoking ,, i just dont believe it,, sorry.. heres some leaf a smoke one right now.. :mickey:
  6. Colimon

    Colimon Cheesus Christo

    I got some from friends of plant distributors recently, and yeah they said you don't trip nuts unless you make Jtea or whatever people do to try and trip like psychedelics. Some people take too much in these concentrates thinking it's a psychedelic, but really it's a deliriant and it will kick your balls lol
  7. FlyingFly

    FlyingFly Dickens

    Wonder if it is related to some specific mechanism in our brains, connected with smoking them...
  8. fuferman

    fuferman Guest

    la fumo seguido y no me pasa, alto tirp el del pibe, q flash, tomarla es otra cosa y generar hidrolisis alcalinas de enteogenos lo mas
  9. gendorf

    gendorf Senior Member

    both effect the Acetylcholine receptors... The active chemicals hit the sites so hard your mind is tricked into thinking your smoking a cigarette.

    I think its something no one should mess with! very dangerous.

    Especially the way Orison is doing it.
    How can you tell what is real and what isn't? A datura trip can last for days. It stays in your body for a long time. If you keep redosing it the chemicals will build up.
    Do you have any family members or friends nearby to check up on you?
    Datura should not be taken without a sitter. At any dose.
  10. deleted

    deleted Visitor

    you should go back to taking hero doses of RC's til you find yourself..[​IMG]
  11. thedope

    thedope glad attention Lifetime Supporter

    chemical solutions are just another perspective on passing time
  12. gendorf

    gendorf Senior Member

    No thanks...
    (I never took hero doses of Rc`s.)

    I'm just saying... you should take care of yourself. somethings gonna go sideways and you'll end up in the psychiatric ward.
  13. thedope

    thedope glad attention Lifetime Supporter

    been there done that just sayin,

    none the less do not attempt these stunts at your neighbors house, they are performed by grownups
  14. deleted

    deleted Visitor

    Im 43, been smoking Angels Trumpets since I was 13...
    After reading this book.. I dont have it anymore. but Id like to take a look thru it again with my grownup mind.. Id probably find it boring tho..
  15. gendorf

    gendorf Senior Member

    alright.. cool.. I guess you know what your doing... :)
  16. thedope

    thedope glad attention Lifetime Supporter

    I'm 56 and haven't been straight since 1972 and am bored silly with sensation, however I at times find relief in sensational ideas.
  17. deleted

    deleted Visitor

    I really dig her aroma when burned..
  18. gendorf

    gendorf Senior Member

    good for you!


    Whats the effect? Why do you smoke it?
  19. deleted

    deleted Visitor

    it sort of has a Weed high to it, makes you feel warmer, sweat beads a little, lifting feeling. in hot humid conditions is easier to breath after smoking some.
  20. gendorf

    gendorf Senior Member

    That nice.

    I would probably go mad from the thought that I took a substance that "makes me hallucinate things without me knowing what I'm hallucinating"....

    like... freak out! big time.... I would be unable to tell if the ppl around me are real or fake....

    What If I'm actually one of your hallucinations? You can never be sure if you take a drug that has an effect like this...

    But one effect is sedation.. Right?
    I read reports about ppl "not giving a fuck" about things like "maggots under the skin"
    They say they actually see them . Its as real as ever.. but the datura makes them not give a fuck...

    Interesting Drug. Kinda makes me question reality even more.....

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