My Drug Induced Realizations.

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    I have recently been keeping a journal of all my drug induced realizations and
    words of wisdom, I'm sharing them with all of you,Please let me know
    what you think, (Drugs taken to come to these realizations;Weed,Shrooms,LSD)

    Drug Induced Realizations:


    What you see is what you perceive,
    What you perceive is what you feel,
    what you feel is what you get,
    what you get is what you find,
    and if you find what your heart
    desires,you gain total bliss,
    and eternal happiness.


    Why a PIPE is the best
    weed smoking tool,(Better than a blunt/joint,Vaporizer,or bong.)
    (Not referring to the high,Just the convenience)

    Example A:
    (Why a pipe is better than a vaporizer)
    You Don't have to wait for a pipe to heat up,
    You Don't have to worry about putting batteries
    in a pipe,Or plugging it into the wall,You Don't have
    to worry about it not working,It's a pipe!It will always work
    Unless it's clogged full of resin,In which case you scrape it out,
    And smoke the resin =)

    Example B:
    (Why a pipe is better than,Blunts and joints.)
    Unlike Blunts and Joints,There is no nasty burnt paper taste
    Or extra harsh lung burning pain,Also there is no chance of getting
    Bad and weird chemicals in our bodies that come from rolling papers.
    Also there is no burning paper irritants,So we have less chance of getting
    super red eyes and a bad headache afterwards.

    Example C:
    (Why a pipe is better than a bong)
    Lastly,You Don't have to worry about it breaking,
    Unless it's a glass pipe!,You don't need anyone to help
    you hold,or light it,You don't have to worry about dropping it
    or putting ice in it,and It's easy to conceal(specially if it's a small/tiny one)
    unlike a big bong,A pipe can be taken just about anywhere,specially if
    You have a pipe that can fold that way the bowl is protected from spillage.

    That,Is why I find pipes to be the superior smoking tool.


    The killing or locking up of an animal
    or an insect or any creature for that matter,(Just because it may be harmful or dangerous)
    is the same thing as locking away a innocent person with no evidence
    in jail/prison just because they seemed like a shady character
    or because they seemed ''dangerous'' It's wrong and unfair.


    Be fair unto nature and nature will be fair unto you.


    A conman's key to success lies within the
    gullibility of his customer.
    (Don`t fall for their deceptive ways!)

    Don't buy anything the ''bigger'' and higher up people have to say,
    Everything they say is false,They lie through their teeth,
    They say soothing words to sate the masses,As they stab them in their backs
    and cut their throats.


    Everything in nature has a place and a purpose,
    but when you take away the ''place''you take away
    their purpose,Their purpose to live,to breath,to repopulate,You take
    away their home,their right to be on this earth.


    All animals both big and small,And all the insects,Work together
    to keep nature in perfect harmony. Without them there would be imbalance
    and with imbalance there is always trouble.


    In order to function everything must be at a perfect balance,
    This goes for anything and everything,
    The Mind,The brain,The body,The soul,Emotions,Nature,Weather,The universe,
    When things become Inbalanced that's when terrible things happen.

    That's all I have for now, :2thumbsup:
    I will write more after I have at least 20 more written down.
    Thanks for reading,Peace. :peace:
  2. Stonerstan

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    Sorry for the double post of this
    topic,I Didn't know the first one went through cause my computer was lagging,
    Sometimes it will do that and will not post. So I reposted in a different forum.

    sorry again lol.
  3. FlyingFly

    FlyingFly Dickens

    Finally someone who thinks that pipes rule... :D
  4. I've done a drug or two but never remember much and usually find myself places that are odd o.o weed was the first it was a bong and supposedly it hits you more. Took a few times till I got anything
  5. FlyingFly

    FlyingFly Dickens


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