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Discussion in 'Dreams' started by kissin_the_clouds, Jan 2, 2005.

  1. hey guys,

    over the past three days my dreams had envolved school. THe first two were just about going to get my lunch....and I seen someone I met a few days ago. That I dont really talk to. But yea. something like that. Shes like an aquaintance. But in this dream she had a different name ,an english one.. I read it on her shirt..but I cant remember the name now. then the dream ended.

    And I had a different dream that i was with an EX who i still talk to, she still has feelings for me but I am unsure of how I feel towards her. so in the dream we are in a store... that has a elevator..and the main goal of it all was to kiss each other..but we never got to... so we went to the elevator hoping to actually get our kiss. but the elevator is too shaky and we get out and end up back into the public..we never got our kiss

    and the last dream I had was about a school event. We were at a assembly... Then I started doing the river dance lol along with the rest of my grade.. i have no idea why .. but yea.. we finished..and we were at da bottom floor first, but we moved up to the second story.. were iwanted to be. and when we got there, I always had a feeling the rails would break because everything seemed so brittle. like it was gonna fall in or something..but yeah..OUr performance ended.then some of us started goin at it again but we told them to stop..because we werent supposed to perform again. then we left. And I started verbally fighting with some girl that I barely know. And i ended up runnin outside. to find my uncle doing the gardening. and there was a little river..that was drying up a bit. so I grabbed the water hoes and filled it back with water. while I did this i talked to a friend that I havent talk to in a while.

    Ive just been having wierd dreams...lately..and yeah thats about it.. can anyone help me find the meaning of theM?

    thanks for the time
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    Hi there kissin_the_clouds

    let me share a thought if you want. So often the dreams speak a deeper truth that does not need an interpretation so much but ask for a way to act on what you know and experience deeper inside when you start another day, and on the impulses given.

    All the others whom you meet be it in dream or wake state are but reflections of your own answers, and they are as much a blessing as you allow them to be.

    So to understand what you already know sometimes you need to let go the question, instead ... try and go back into the dream images, and be there again, and come out changed, and just be filled and nurtured from inside out, so that you may test again your own ground to walk, jump and start off from, to kiss the clouds and the earth, too and all that is in between. Embrace your own beautiful self ... embrace the insecurities, the vulnerability, and the wonder of being you ... and see all the others just help you with it. And magine ... what if they take you the very same way.

    I think we all are a big school class, nothing less.

    So thank you for sharing and thank you for allowing us to help you ... well at least try to ... but we all are each others students as much ... have a good day !
  3. thankyou for your time...

    yeah life is pretty much a big class.. learning many lessons... we just all take turns being the teacher, and the student..

    hah.. life is beautifull..thanks for the words

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