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Discussion in 'Bisexual' started by Legend, May 23, 2004.

  1. Legend

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    When I Went To Bed Last Night I Did Not Expect To Have Such A Weird Dream! It Was About Me (Im Bi-Sexual By The Way) And A Guy I Went To School With, I Havent Seen Him For Bout 4 Years, But Always Had A Crush On Him At School! Here It Is, Its Pretty Short... We Were In A Room That I Had Never Seen Before, We Were Hugging, Kissing And Touching Eachother, Then We Were Laying On A Bed Staring Into Eachothers Eyes, Then We Were Standing Up, Holding Eachother So Close, He's Touch, Smell, His Sweet Olive Skin, Everything About Him Felt So Real! It Felt Like Days We Were Together In That Room. I Was So Happy... Then I Woke Up... But, The Smile On My Face This Morning Was So God Damn Big, And Its Still Hangin From Ear To Ear... That Dream Made My Day, Maybe Even The Next Couple Of Days!;)...ONLY IF DREAMS COULD COME TRUE AYE...
  2. god i love those dreams... its the waking up bit i hate...
  3. I swear that when I go to sleep and dream that I have been transported to my alter life or something I often wake disorientd and confused until i realize I was dreaming. This feeling lingers sometimes until I feel like I am not where i belong.eery
  4. dtrez09

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    maybe you should try and contact him- that would make your year

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