my demise - new poem

Discussion in 'Poetry' started by thegreatbuddah420, May 25, 2007.


    walk down this lonely path alone
    tried to please you all instead of myself
    my world is dyin my rope is at its end
    wearing all black im dressed for a fueneral its not to far
    so Ive tried to live and I cant make it in this world
    lifes to hard so I choose to puss out
    will you hold it against me if I see you again?
    dont bother to talk to me Its all over now
    theres no hope the end of my rope
    time will tell with all the Cries
    as I sit and wait for my demise

    by: chuck M. (aka thegreatbuddah420) 5/26/07
  2. Idly sitting by because you can't bear to live is hardly selfless. Don't give kindness a half-assed shot. That said, I do actually like this poem. It's expressive, I just don't like what it's expressing - not that I haven't ever felt the same way.
  3. hahhaaha oh MAN i cannot begin to TELL you how many times those words have ran through my fucked up cranium man SHIIIT.. i mean dude im a fucking lazy ass too and i usually refuse doing things that are going to be fun because of an odd thing my head decided to make me feel which is i dont deserve fun, air, food, love, and life and all that good shit..soo i pretty much sit around and "wait for my demise" as well cuz im not doing shit anyway mine as well ruin myself completely right? nahh man get your ass up and fuckin do something you like man pick up a guitar fuckin read a book find a girl man SHIT theres so much you can do man just try it out.
  4. TheLittleOne

    TheLittleOne Senior Member

    ooooooooh emo

  5. deadlove21

    deadlove21 Banned

  6. Miss_Beatle

    Miss_Beatle Beatlemaniac

    I liked it.

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