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  1. Most of these were written about 4 years ago but the last was written about a year.

    Death By Corosion

    Do you see them?
    The flaming clouds?
    They rain down
    zthat acid rain we trip on
    If you fly above them
    when you come down, the world will be your asylum

    And as they feed you the sanity
    you explode from inside
    as all of the reality floods back and rushes inside your hallow being

    you are the invisable man
    so why are you a girl?
    You're an ass when you drink
    but more fun when your falling
    well...untill you hit the bottom
    and shatter

    a million times in a row you shatter

    you'll feel it
    growing inside of you
    breathin inside of youliving inside of you
    you'll wonder why the gift of magic is now your final curse

    I dont understand
    you wont understand
    I want your curse
    and all that comes with it
    it's hell
    but i want it all the same
    im scared of the darkness
    it haunts my house
    it haunts my insides, it eats away


    Creep along inside of me
    watch it run out of you
    watch it drain
    love the pain

    Take a chance with me, i beg you
    take the time to care, im happy
    and you're half oof me, so tell me
    as we creep, are you inside

    The world haunts me
    I watch the words curl around your finger
    I've known you
    I know you
    creep with me

    take a chance with me, i beg


    I leave you wanting more
    Dont I?​
    Keep making me your whore​
    Im shy​
    I leave you, but you don't miss me​

    My smell lingers in your mind​
    our bodies intertwined​
    spinning back and forth​
    and cumming down to rise again​



    Brick Piles​
    And fake smiles​
    three little pigs​
    WAKE UP!​

    spin your handbag and smile little girl​
    you're on show​
    work the crowd​
    it's time to be what weve always wanted​
    but remember​
    love hurts​
    now get up there​
    dont be afraid​
    I wont be​

    Written for my lost Sin

    I close my eyes​
    and run away​
    Ill never know​
    why we lay​
    inside ourselves​
    tonight and day​
    get on my knees?​
    I'll make you pray​

    awkward chills​
    run down my spine​
    caress the soul​
    you left behind​
    take this breath​
    were intertwined​

    My Skye

    Sexy boy​
    I can make you a man​
    I can give you my hand​
    your insides will burn​

    Seethe and burn​
    you'll explode deep inside​
    and again​

    Sweet lil boy​
    can i expand your mind?​
    Ill teach you​
    your time​
    your outside will bleed​

    Let me show you what I can do​

    so what do yall think??
  2. Ziarae

    Ziarae Member

    dream is my fav!
  3. thanks...thats pretty much the only stuff ive written that i wil let people read lol
  4. Toovin

    Toovin Member

    Mm. i like death by corrosion. Near the end though it sounds like its saying that its kind of an obsession with what the other person was going through. Thats how i see it though =P None the less, pretty good.
  5. i like dream... all of them are really good tho!

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