my cheek piercings!

Discussion in 'Body Modification' started by dreadlyyours, Jan 22, 2009.

  1. dreadlyyours

    dreadlyyours Member

  2. MoonDoggie

    MoonDoggie Member

    Was the picture taken by a Sidekick camera? If so, that's why it's tiny.
  3. dreadly_mine

    dreadly_mine Guest

    i think your beautiful :]
  4. scatteredleaves

    scatteredleaves Smelly Hobo

    ^lol but really creepy...
  5. TiedyeDreams

    TiedyeDreams Member

    the first one didn't show up and I can't really see any piercing in the second. Just the sort of dimple that the pirecing makes.

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