My brother is really weird

Discussion in 'Relationships' started by Ladylocks, Jan 27, 2005.

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    He's handsome, charming, outspoken, confident, intelligent- and yet he rejects many women cuz he doesn't get an erection or feel horny. The only thing that gives him a super hard on and power kick is when he fucks somebody in an inferior position- like our maid many years ago, his secretary, fresh naive college students.. he can't handle intimacy- it scares him and yet I know he's a very nice person. He's not the promiscous type and he never cheats on anyone.

    I don't know what to do about him. He's my brother, I want to help him with this problem.He used to watch porn for many years and I think that might have affected him in some way.. he used to be reserved, had no friends and kids used to bully him cuz he was quite. His porn and masturbation addiction was a way of getting away from the world.

    I forgot to mention that he's adopted from India. There is one girl he really likes and she likes him after all these years, she's Thai-Chinese, but he had some really weird ideas about keeping the genes clean cuz he has certain features and doesn't want kids with chinky eyes. He's really complicated. And yet he loves her very much but has intimacy problems...he refuses to see a psychologist cuz he's been to many and has no faith in them...

    We all love him very much but he's hurting himself and others and I wish I could get through to him somehow.
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    Ohhh..... he sure has problems. I dont know the answers though, I'm just a girl.

    Nah, forget about him and leave him to his fate. As a genius I'm quite sure that no advice in the world can help him.
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    Sounds tough. My worthless observation is that he's probably afraid of being vulnerable. Hence the fear of intimacy and need of overbearing sexual possitions. Being picked on a lot can have that effect. But why was he quiet in the first place? Sometimes it can be a reinforcing cycle if he somehow got a bad reputation at school. But often it's something deaper, that gets a person stuck in the victimhood cycle. And now he's playing the other side of it.

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