My boyfriend can't take the dick

Discussion in 'Gay Group Messages' started by __Gaybriel__, Apr 7, 2020.

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    Hi everyone,

    I am seeking help

    My boyfriend and I are both vers. He prefer to top most of the time and I prefer to bottom most of the time.

    My problem is when he bottoms he can't take the dick, it's not that im too large. He bought an anal vibrator years ago, in the end he stopped using it. The vibrator is not that big.

    We tried to go slowly or even him go a day with a butt plug to stretch his anus.

    Do you guys have any solution to that?

    P.S. : We always use water based lube for penetrations
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  2. Bicaptain My Captain

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    Have you tried silicone based lube? They seem slicker to me.
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    I see two possible factors. One is your boyfriend's anatomy might not be compatible. I've heard of cases where guys might not be set up physically or "wired" to enjoy getting anal.
    The other way I think is worth looking at this is psychologically. You have to be pretty relaxed in order to let this happen. Maybe there's something on your boyfriend's mind? Maybe some latent internalized homophobia?
    All possibilities are worth considering, especially when something potentially really fun is at stake! But I guess you also have to accept that sometimes things are just not meant to be.
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    If he wants it it’ll fit. Get a bottle of lotion finger and slather it in , take your time . Work him over for awhile , add fingers . Really once the heads in and you’re well lubed, he’s fuckin’
  5. thepapasmurph

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    If your boyfriend leans more toward being a top, he may just not be cut out for taking you in comfortably... It has to be something a person enjoys. It is painful and pleasurable at the same time. I would suggest a lot of foreplay involving ass play, rimming, palming his bud, and fingering his bud... you will be able to tell if he is enjoying it or not. If he doesn't warm up to it, to the point where he "wants it" then you have given it your best shot, enjoyed some intimacy, and accept for the time being you won't be topping him. If you have a good relationship and a good sexual communication, you will be fine.. Lubrication is very important, foreplay, and patience.
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    I'll take it
  7. Poplo.

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    You bad
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  8. Styx

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    Going slow and using lots of lube seems to be the general rule...except for one more thing...


    A bottom who is nervous, unsure, apprehensive, going to find it hard to relax enough so his ass will willingly open up and accept a cock.
    In my opinion, its good advice to get him to lay still while the top takes his time. Yes...rim him, use lube and gently rub his hole and slowly work in a finger tip, then a finger.
    Another idea...If he wants it...let him get on top and see if he can slowly lower himself down at his pace. Let him ease the cock into his own ass...then he can relax because he's not fighting it.
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    I'm not sure I have not found any guys to play with. I have done Anal on my wife. She took some warming up to the idea, takes some to warm her up.
    I love my to take it in the ass. I think it needs to be a smaller man but I really think being open to being fucked might be the key.
    You have to want it to be relaxed, I've been rimmed,barely just a little by a female, fingered, and pegged with a smaller strap on and the only decent dildo I've taken I had to test myself. It's awkward to relax and feed something in yourself.
    If I had a friend to take me I would try relax.
    I would hope to get rimmed and fingered, I enjoy fingering an ass.
    Lube me me finger and I think I could take an average cock, I hope too.
    Should you buy a dildo together, just something an inch across, work some lube into him and see if you can work on him with that smallish dildo while he practices relaxing, see if he can enjoy taking it and is relaxed with you playing with his ass. Maybe see if there is a small to larger pegging kit. Sure you don't want to do him with a strap on but see if he can open to the idea of you fucking him. Start small
    Can you get a numbing cream?
    Lastly wshbhim clean, pick him , rim him, insert your tongue deeply. It's not so bad if he is clean.
    The ass is smooth and soft if he is open to be licked out and relaxs height learn to relax.

    Lead into it all slowly to see if he really wants the ass play, I think you need to be open to it to enjoy it.

    I think I am ready for it and I have put a lot of thought into it.
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    Not sure exactly what his issue is, but it could be emotional. If he prefers to top most of the time, many bottoming just isn't his thing.

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