My Bad, Cold Day

Discussion in 'The Whiners' started by lostndelirious, Jan 12, 2005.

  1. Today when I got to my house after school I was told by my perverted 14-year-old neighbor (who, on many occasions, has asked me in his french accent if i "like it when they girls, dey kiss" on jerry springer and if i "like it when dey fuck" on movies) that the power was out, so I wouldn't be able to open my garage door and get inside the house. I had to go to the perverted neighbor's house and call my mom at work, after trying to find the phone number for about 10 minutes. Finally my mom said she'd come open the front door for me, so I went back outside to wait in the blistering cold because it was just too awkward inside the house, with his crazy accent and stalker eyes. Then I heard a crazy "zoooooom" sound and I heard the smoke detector go off inside my house as a warning that the power had come back, so I was able to open the garage door with the remote thingy and get inside the house. Then I fell asleep watching Dr. Phil because nothing else was on, and woke up late for my Driver's Ed. course. I hope tomorrow will be perveted-neighbor-free. Thank you.

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