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Discussion in 'Art' started by ArtLoveMusic, May 12, 2004.

  1. ArtLoveMusic

    ArtLoveMusic Senior Member

    Hey these are pictures of my AS exam piece. The title of the project was Icons and my project when along the tangent of how when an icon is reproduced/mass produces over and over the icon looses its meaning and just becoms an image. Its one of the things that Andy Warhol confrunted with a lot of his art.
    This was how it looked after the first 6 hours.

    And these are the final images of it :)


    and if u think u recognise thsat face, its Carnelian from the forums :) (thanks again babe)
    Fleassy xox
  2. DarkLunacy

    DarkLunacy Senior Member

    Cool... dont like the icon though..... sweet nicotine....... But you proved your point well
  3. ArtLoveMusic

    ArtLoveMusic Senior Member

    lol its not to do with no smoking at all.. its to do with the fact the icon is EVERYWHERE and the constant repeating of it has caused it to loose its meaning. How often do u see that symbol and not even click in your head that its there??
  4. DarkLunacy

    DarkLunacy Senior Member

    Well I can see how you wouldnt be serious about non-smoking. Its the most cliche symbol after all. I know what you mean too. How often do we see symbols to a fast food company and look at this symbol and dont say "Its an M" but "ITS MCDONALDS" etc etc. The symbols become part of our lives and we identify, register, store away without any thought. Future of the world will only be pictographs.
  5. serra

    serra tentacle girl


    I love it! really really kuel. i like your idea a lot, and it's so true. symbols don't mean anything when they are overused like they are... good work!
  6. fractalated

    fractalated Member

    yea nice art :) i reckon that when symbols are no longer recognised consciouly they can become dangerous. just as you longer think about them being there so you no longer think about their effect or their meaning so they can become subconscious control just because something is designated acoording to one of these symbols we automatically see it as such without making up our own mind. like if in an advertising campaign a certain logo is associated with a lifestyle say, then when we see this logo we will subconsciouly associate it with this lifestyle, making all sorts of judgements we might not otherwise make. like about the quality of a product say, or what we're 'allowed' to do in certain situations - like not smoke.
  7. Dandelion_Blood

    Dandelion_Blood Gremlin

    i know it would be amazing the moment i saw your plans... it reallly is !!

    well done m'lady... you've done yourself proud....

    (miss yew, don't feel well want my fleassy to come hug me)
  8. Fractual_

    Fractual_ cosmos factory

    very cool.
  9. ArtLoveMusic

    ArtLoveMusic Senior Member

    aww thanks guys :)
    hehe and dandy i really hope ur backs feeling better :( ...i wanna give you a massive hug.. i shall come see you soon!! *hugs*

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