Mutual Masturbation

Discussion in 'Love and Sex' started by SuziHotwife, Dec 5, 2020.

  1. KinkyMonk

    KinkyMonk Members

    Great thread!

    With my wife all the time and since the summer online with guys.

    I’ve bi-curious and looking for a local jerk off bud. I’ve read about jerk off clubs - sounds hot!
  2. nicholasgr

    nicholasgr Member

    When I was young I was mutually masturbated everyday with my sister that we shared a bedroom in our parents house and an apartment for years later. I have done it also with two cousins and my best friend. Now that I am married we are doing it a lot with my wife and we really enjoy it every single time.
  3. Not sure if you mean each person touching themselves or each other.
  4. If it's the former you're talking about no never. If the latter yes my wife and I before we were married. She gave me some incredible orgasms by giving me just a gentle tug while I stroked her. It's so much better than doing it yourself because of the unpredictability of it. You don't know how hard she'll tug or for how long and how long she'll wait in between. The other factor is having something to do distracts the mind. It's tricking the brain - you feel what you're feeling but you're thinking about what you're doing to her and making sure she's enjoying it. Finally there's the moment when she's about to go off and she knows you're close too and you both go for broke that all adds up to a far more intense orgasm than comes from sex.
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  5. RBecca

    RBecca Members

    Jack had a multiple orgasm last night. Never loosing his erection. Back to back. Spray both times.
  6. lostinitall

    lostinitall Members

    i was doin webcam shows n made friends with some cam girls. On slow nights when nobodies sending tips or when you start getting rude assholes, we would go off in our private cam2cam room n get off with eachother.... couple a lil cuties from Germany, loved their broken English n accent
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  7. Scharff

    Scharff Members

    Many times. Both sexes. Love to watch someone else cum...
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  8. PKW

    PKW Members

    How do you find someone to jerk off with? I’d like to try both a woman and man.
  9. Daretobare

    Daretobare Member

    Mine surprisingly was with somebody I've known since my late teens. We always were straight and happily married. Then a year or so ago our wives changed sexually and I guess we did too
  10. RBecca

    RBecca Members

    Good Day friends. This morning my husband and I spent an extra hour in bed. A little hugging led to our own erotica. Pleasuring ourselves for each other. After we orgasmed, simply held each other while calming down.
    Very close to simultaneously orgasming.
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  11. I_do_it

    I_do_it New Member

    Yes, sure. Both with women and men. Both is fun.
    Funnily, I have less hesitation to masturbate together with a man than with a woman.
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