Murder Inc.

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    Murder, Inc.
    for release 08-22-05
    Washington D.C.

    by Lightning Rod

    What is government? It's the baddest gang in town. Government runs a protection racket just like the Mafia. The protection payments are called taxes. This money is used to hire enforcement thugs known as police or soldiers. In America the Government Mafia sponsors dope dealers (Big Pharm) and loan sharks (credit card companies) and protection rackets (insurance). Government even runs the numbers game these days, it's called the lottery. About the only thing they don't do is sell sex, unless you count Fox TV.

    We've all seen the movies. You know, the scenario where the two tough looking but impeccably dressed goombahs walk into a small shop or tavern and suggest to the owner that some major catastrophe like a fire or a bomb or a jet airplane crash might befall them if they don't up a little vigorish to the organization.

    This is the same game that the Bush administration is trying to play on America. ":Something terrible might happen to you if you don't keep us in power."

    Governments are the ultimate in organized crime. They are the biggest bullies on the block. They can seize your money or your property or your freedom. They can kidnap you and hold you for ransom. They can even murder you with no threat of punishment.

    Gangs are old as civilization. It took a gang to kill a wooly mammoth. Those who have organized themselves have always prevailed over those who have not. Whether they were called tribes or royal families or armies or corporations or trade unions or the Bloods or the Crips or if they are called governments, teamwork works.

    BushCo is a particularly well-honed version of the gang organization. You can see it in their lock-step devotion to the talking points. You can't tune-in to the Sunday morning shows without hearing multiple iterations of the same line, whatever the current line happens to be.

    The Organization also has hit men. Karl Rove and Ken Mehlman come to mind. They are as crafty, mean and tough as Joseph Goebbels and Sammy 'the bull' Gravano. If you cross BushCo, prepare to be smeared, Swift Boated or outed as a homo, an agnostic or a CIA agent.

    The Poet's Eye would like to see the Bush Administration tried under the RICO act. It's an ongoing criminal enterprise characterized by lies, deception, chicanery, theft, coercion, extortion and murder (over 1800 so far).

    Well you got me workin' boss man
    Workin' round the clock
    I wanna little drink of water
    But you won't let me stop
    Big boss man now can't you hear me when I call?
    I said you ain't so big, you know you're just tall that's all
    --Smith-Dixon, Big Boss Man
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    That was really well written. I just wish that the mainstream of America would start thinking and caring and doing something about this conundrum.

    Oh, and don't forget about the global financial institutions like the WTO, IMF, World Bank, FTAA, CAFTA, the G8, etc. Not to mention the Carlysle group, Skull and Bones, and those elitist cults.

    Luckily, there ARE people out there organizing. Check out and links

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