Mulberry Street (2006)

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    Mulberry Street (2006) - 8/10 - A rash of rat bites in Manhatten begin turning people into ravenous half breeds with an apetite for flesh. The city is quarantined, leaving the people of Mulberry Street in Harlem fighting for their lives. The premise may sound obsurd, but it's pulled off so well by the entire crew that the victims could have turned into anything and it would have still been believable, stylish, and very very creepy. Color and lighting is made use of very well. The characters are well established and their relationships are particularly deep and at times seem very intamate and candid. It's so refreshing to come across a low budget horror flick that goes above and beyond any and all expectations. If your on a horror movie kick for the season or are wanting an obscure indie rental - then this is it!

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