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Discussion in 'Relationships' started by NoRtHStAr, Jan 30, 2005.

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    Well, I suppose I'll get straight to my little predicament. Any replies would be greatly appreciated, as I am really confused!

    I met this guy about a month ago, and we really connected. He contacted me about a week ago, telling me about how much he likes me and wants to get to know me, which is totally sweet.....the only thing is that he's 25 and I'm 16....

    He's the sweetest guy, but I really don't know him. And none of my friends really know him, he seems genuine, but who knows... most of my friends are REALLY thrown off by the age difference and though I wasn't at first, I'm beginning to realize it's an issue now....

    Anyways, I could really use some advice. Thanks so much!

    Peace 'n Love
  2. Xac

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    im tired so i will try and make as much sense as possible.

    if he is genuine about a realtionship and isn't just looking to score then he should give you time to make your decision and he would in my opinion understand your age concerns.

    another girl asked a similar question but you are a two years older which can make all the difference you are almost an adult. so in my opinion if you are comfortable with the idea and the guy is willing to go at your pace there is nothing 'wrong' with it.
    on the other hand if you dont go out with him you will meet more guys, its not your last opportunity! maybe you two could just be friends? (and maybe things could develop from there!)

    in any case it might be a good idea for your friends to meet him. he seems sweet but as you already stated you just dont know he could be an axe murderer so remember what ever you choose, stay SAFE and have FUN!

    good luck hope this made sense and i hope things work out.
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    in most states the age of consent is 16 so it would be legal. he might be genuine or he might just wanna fuck a high school girl.
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    Here's an interesting point. Northstar never stated gender anywhere. You are assuming that Northstar is a girl. Hmmmm.....
  5. XriseXupX

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    yeah.. i would be careful if i were you
    because he might only be in it for the "fun"
    but if you know hes not, then go for it.. it might be wierd at first, and other ppl might not like it.. but if its meant to be, then its meant to be...
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    my friend married his wife when he was in his 30's and she was 19. they are happy and it was what she wanted. she 'trapped' him when he was worried about the age difference. i think it depends on your maturity level and his, commonalities and differences, and of course the whole sex issue. not that i think you are or should be planning marriage, i'm just sayin'...
  7. Xac

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    "Here's an interesting point. Northstar never stated gender anywhere. You are assuming that Northstar is a girl. Hmmmm....."
    this is true... i also thought she said she was 17 not 16!
    i guess i was bit tired but was trying to do my best to help... oh well
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    just be with him and if he loves you he won't get too sexually physical with you untill you're ready. 16 and 25 isn't that bad-high school guys are worse.

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