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    My family is considering moving to Denver from Costa Rica. While Costa Rica is nice its not the states. Me and my sister are going to need to be going off to college soon and jobs arn't easy to come by here (being perpetual tourists) so if you could tell me the ups and downs of Denver it would be a hlep. Like how is public transportation and what not. Thanks
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    all in THIS forum.

    here's the RTD (bus/lightrail) site. While a huge expansion is in the works, I have a feeling it will slow some.
    Lots of Denver/ Boulder unis have an RTD pass as part of the fees. Check with your school.

    Colorado minimum wage is $6.85 and still isn't quite a living wage. Expect to have roomies.

    have you a college picked out? I'm assuming you are US citizens, if you aren't, I'd not look at Colorado for college. International tuition is killer.

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