Moving to hamilton soon Hopefully need so infomation

Discussion in 'Canada' started by Tefloneddie, May 17, 2007.

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    Hi There well hoepfully by the end fo the year i am gunna be in hamilton Croses fingers

    Just curios if any oen other than my gf wants to befriend me ahha and also what the weed prices are like there im movign from the uk so i garentea ther gunna be a damn site cheaper than here but how much is bout 3 gram bags over ther and how much is half oz and an oz just curiosity cos i garentea once i passed imagration ill be gettign high with alot of people here ince i dotn wanna drink cos my GFs sceard i erned up like her dad and shes thinkgin about trying the stuff her self btu theres a problem shes elergic to tabcoo shes gunna get so stoned of a pure soo haha and whats the Tack(hash or resin) what ever u wanna call it cost to

    Thansk for the infomation my good olde hippe friends have a smoke on me once im there

    Lotsa love teflon
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    I don't smoke, however to live in Hamilton, I recommend being high on something 24/7. It's the armpit of the Golden Horseshoe.
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    err yeah man Im in the hammer (hamilton)
    dont come here you have been warned, this place has a 100% cancer rate if you live here your entire life, the down town core doesnt support life according to an environmental survey a few years back.

    ok now after Ive warned you.

    Im always looking for good folk in this city. especially people not yet polluted by its extremely bad energy.

    an 8th of pot 3.5 grams runs from 30 to 40 bucks, dont get suckered into the downtown dime bags there not even a gram and its usually bunk ass weed.
    ounce for anywear from 180 to 220, 100 for half oz

    there is some good gange here but you have to know someone. look me up when you get here.

    some good local shows to watch out for, are the fat cats they usually play at pepperjacks,
    also the skydragon cafe is a cool co-op coffee house good folk frequent there.
    hess village is college kids and frat boys but if you must hit up the doors pub.

    for the best selection of beers hit up the winkin judge on augusta

    rebel rock is a good pub the beers are expensive but the atmosphere is chill. just the area where its located on east king sucks ass!

    seriously this place is hell it smells really bad anywhere by the lake if you drive down burlington ST close your windows it stinks like sulphure, its a steel city and its pumping out crap in the air.

    there is a lot of youth orientated violence, thug culture s rampant here among crapy white kids with too much time on there hands....

    if you see a hippy bus, its me come by and knock on my door

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