Mourning the Loss of God

Discussion in 'Agnosticism and Atheism' started by Confused54321, Jun 25, 2013.

  1. I am a Muslim woman, who lives in Saudi Arabia. After a lot of reading and reflecting I have come to the conclusion there is no God. Letting go of religion was easy letting go of God not so easy. I know some people it is not an issue for them. But I would like to hear from those who were sad when they reached the conclusion there is no God. There goes immortal life, justice for all, and a personal God who is always with you. I know some might think but no Hell, but my God was one of forgiveness so I loved Him not feared him. I also would appreciate links or books that might deal with this loss. Note from yesterday my birthday, I no longer am a Muslim or a thiest but wanted to give you an idea of my background.
    Thank you in advance.
  2. absentwithin

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    When you say there is no god and you have given up on your religion has to be one of the hardest things in life for an individual to go thru.. While I don't believe in the traditional form of religion or the idolism of God.. I do believe in a higher power.. It isn't god as in the traditional sense of god or religions.. To shed one's religion doesn't mean you have to shed your belief in a higher power.. While it may not be the same god you've always worshiped thru your religion doesn't mean you have to give up on having faith in something.. A greater good so to say.. Bare in mind I come from a long line of traditional Catholic's.. I was never baptised at birth like my sister was so it seemed like i was almost destined to walk the non traditional life in my family..I've always been the outcast in my family the black dog so to say.. I know i'm alone i have no personal jesus that i cry to at night hoping that by some miracle he will come and save me.. If i need saving i need to save myself.. Do i still fight demons in my life yes daily we all have personal demons thats why having good friends and some type of support structure is so important in life. I don't get together with fellow agnostics like i should that's my next step i'm not sure im ready for full atheism yet or not.. Lifes a long path with many crossroads. Hope your road is as smooth as you make it.. For it's only as bumpy as we let it be.. I've read some posts on Islam and giving it up or rebuking it.. Seems like there is some pretty harsh penalties for it :/
    So then i read this and it leaves me at a loss for words
    Anyways this about you and tools to help you cope with loosing your faith..
    This might be a good forum for you ads well since it's hard to know what your loss is being a non-muslim myslef :("] There Probably Is No God - So Stop Worrying And Enjoy Your Life! eBook: Bill Deakin: Kindle Store

    Best Of Luck To You
  3. Thank you for your comments. I will not tell anyone here of what I am thinking. Just living Islam will get you beheaded. I wish I could believe there was a God, but I can no longer see Him. I thought He sent us messages through prophets, but I see now that they were men that reflected and did their best in their time of trying to give people a road map. I hope their is something, but I pretty much don't think their is much evidence of a personal God who cares. Anyway good luck on your journey.
  4. Hey there... I will just say really quickly that I went through that being raised Christian and realizing those things were false.... it was kinda sad... but, I have good news... Years later (for me), I discovered something that I call God now... it's just not a dogmatic God. It's more of a spiritual thing than a religious thing... but I guess all I'm trying to say here is that that hole is not always forever...
  5. Good for you, must be hard to be godless in a country that is soaked in god. :2thumbsup:
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    I've never mourned the loss of God. My father died when I was 6 and he suffered terribly for 2 years before that. I HATED God with a passion. Even then I suspected God was a lie but it didn't stop me from screaming into the sky at him. Even now that I am certain beyond any reasonable doubt of God's non-existence, there's still some stupid part of my brain that wants to believe and wants to curse at him.

    There goes MY immortality. I'm pretty sure I'll never exist again but all the components that make myself and my mind exist billions of times over in other people on this planet, we're not so different. I do think it is reasonable to believe space and time are infinite. Finite patterns emerge infinitely and to infinity. Life and human DNA are patters that I know are possible to form naturally from infinite space-time-energy. It doesn't matter really if it takes a billion or a gazillion years between conscious life, only consciousness can experience time anyway.

    Justice? I've never associated justice with an organization completely blind to reality. Hanging children for witchcraft is what some of faith would call justice. There's no justice, just fantasies of imaginary justice lands.

    Forgiveness and love and all good stuff, YOU can do more than any imaginary God can do. All the good anyone's ever given credit to God was THEIR doing. Delusions in Gods are not the only inner strengths to be found. Hatred is also a source but try not to go down that road either.
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    You are going to go through a grieving process, so almost any (nonreligious) literature that deals with that process should be helpful. The steps are always the same.

    For me, Zen (as a philosophy, not a religion) helps me accept life as it is, rather than what I want it to be, or what someone else has imagined it to be.

    I admire your courage and honesty.
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    You just haven't realized that you haven't lost anything yet.....
    Its very interesting though, that you've already realized that religion
    and god are two separate things.....That or I am forgetting a path
    that was once all too obvious to me.....You probably feel lonely trying
    to let go of this thing that has been "loving" you, but I can assure you
    as many times as necessary.....Love is a real thing, and god isn't......
  9. TheRealThing

    TheRealThing Member"]Black Sabbath - God Is Dead? - YouTube

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