Mountain High Festival 2007 ::: Europe ::: AVALA 1st-3rd of June

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    Mountain High Festival 2007


    Roots&Sound And Wired Culture presents first annual roots festival of alternative culture, from 1st - 3rd of June at Mountain Avala, Serbia. The festival will blend alternative ideas, ecology with high quality music program. Reggae, dub, hip-hop and drum'n'bass from more than 10 countries, and some of the greatest names of the genre such as Sylford Walker, Asher Selector, Isiah Shaka, Errol Bellot, Messalie, The First Light Orchestra, and more than 25 bands involved in the unique experiecnce this summer. Vibes gonna make you move in rhythm of the summer. Also included free camping, low prices of food and refreshments, and very low price of tickets... Get more info at


    Friday, 1. June 2007.

    16:00 NESVRSTANI LIVE (serbia)
    17:00 ZACHEOUS JACKSON (jamaica)
    20:00 KING SHILOH HI-FI (netherlands)
    21:00 ROOT SOULJAH (bulgaria)
    23:00 ERROL BELLOT & K.O. (united kingdom)
    01:00 CHIEFTAIN JOSEPH (united kingdom)

    Saturday, 2. June 2007.

    18:00 MASTA BASTA (serbia)
    20:00 KING SHILOH HI-FI (netherlands)
    21:00 SPACE GYPSY CONSORTIUM (sweden)
    23:00 ISIAH SHAKA (france)
    01:00 SISTA LEXXY (united kingdom)

    Sunday, 3. June 2007.

    21:00 ASHER & SYLFORD WALKER (swiss, jamaica)
    23:00 KING SHILOH SOUNDYSTEM (netherlands)
    01:00 BLACK ARK CREW (serbia)


    Special Guest Appearances

    ++ 20+ More Live Shows!!!++ art, galleries, videos, action...
    ++ cheap food, refreshments..


    Tickets soon up on sale:

    Tickets soon available at this prices:

    - 800 RSD ::: 10 EURO ::: 2396 SIT = ( three day pass ) - 3 Day Pass

    - 300 RSD ::: 4 EURO ::: 958 SIT = ( one day pass ) - 1 Day Pass

    Information about ticket sales & all:


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