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Discussion in 'Rainbow Family' started by boothy, Aug 17, 2005.

  1. boothy

    boothy Senior Member

    It seems that on this forum, and elsewhere, that Rainbow gatherings only really exist in the US. I know there are others elsewhere, but I can't find any details.

    Anyone know of any in the UK?
  2. moondance

    moondance Hip Forums Supporter HipForums Supporter

  3. soaringeagle

    soaringeagle Senior Member

    also what i always do is do a search for somethingf like "international rainbow gatherings 2005" or something, & you'll find em all over the world, last time i checked there was norway germany italy czech trurkey mexico umm..i forget where else
  4. boothy

    boothy Senior Member

    Hi moondance and soaringeagle, thanks for the tips/links :D

    On I found information on what seems to be a gathering, but I'm confused. Here is a snippet:

    It all seems a bit... I don't know, policies and such, is this normal? I thought it was more... I dunno, it just makes it sound like Health & Safety have visited, y'know? I can't explain well, but what's with the under 16 thing and such?

    I would very much like to go, I am only 14 though, and I have no adult who would ever take me.

    Are these such "policies" standard for rainbow gatherings? I imagined them as just more informal gatherings, I dunno.
  5. earthmother

    earthmother senior weirdo

    That don't sound quite right to me either. Better to look further. The Canadian Gatherings sound more like my cup of tea...
  6. raven23

    raven23 Member

    There are no rules or policies at rainbow gatherings. If you want to play loud amplified music in a place where people are praying for peace, or smoke cigarettes in the Kid's Kitchen, you are free to. But your brother's and sisters are also free to tell you how incredibly uncool that it. If you want to bring your yappy, biting, wanna-be Alpha, undiscplined dog to the gathering, you have that right, but you will get an earful from the people who are put out by this kind of crap.
    Gatherings have been going on for 30 some years. We manage to have peaceful gatherings because we've learned what kind of things make for a peaceful gathering and what kind of things annoy or hurt other people to the point where things are no longer peaceful.
    These 'policies', so incorrectly called so, are requests from your brothers and sisters who beg you please, please, we will all have a much better time if people are not drunk off their ass hooting and hollering and fighting and blaring heavy metal and blowing carcinegins around where people are trying to eat while the dogs are fighting, etc, and can you do me a favour and refrain, just for these two weeks? It's not a demand, it is a request for respect.
  7. raven23

    raven23 Member

    Same goes for gatherings in any country, by the way.
  8. soaringeagle

    soaringeagle Senior Member

    the euro gatheringds from what i understand are somewhat different from the ones here, yet that sounds more like a psudo gathering, like the 1 that wzs just near moscow 2 weeks ago, they have the "look" of a gathering, yet they fall short.. if you've never been to a gathering & thats all you have near you it might be worth checkin out, but it shouldnt be concidered a real gathering..first off, i have never seen "flyers" for gatherings, & right odf admittance reserved is absolutely wrongg for rainbow..if you have a bellybuttoon your welcomed with open arms

    keep looking & you'll find the true rainbow
  9. soaringeagle

    soaringeagle Senior Member

    i looked at that site just now, look where it says vission camp & next to it says members only, there isa paid membership to rainbow circle & some camps have to pay to join..they may use the word rainbow, but that doesnt make it in any way related to the rainbow family
  10. BraceYourEyes

    BraceYourEyes Member

    my bellybutton ran away from home :(
  11. boothy

    boothy Senior Member

    I figured as much, thanks everyone for clarifying :)

    I just can't find anymore information on other UK gatherings anywhere, I'm gonna keep lookin' though :)
  12. boothy

    boothy Senior Member

    OK I really need some help... other than that rainbow site i posted earlier, I have found nothin'.

    And like soaringeagle (sorry i don't know your real name) helpfully verified to me that that wasn't real rainbow, i'm not really interested.

    Any UK rainbows out there?

    Peace & love to y'all

  13. boothy

    boothy Senior Member

    Sorry to bring up an old topic, but anyone know of any gatherings in the UK yet? Not like the one commented on above though :(
  14. wiggy

    wiggy Bitch

    there was one at glastonbury after the festival, but that will proberly be it for this time of year,. where abouts are you from?
  15. soaringeagle

    soaringeagle Senior Member

  16. Hey brother whats up. I'm in England and I might be able to lend you a hand. It's gunna be hard though if your 14. There have been a couple of what the guys on here would call Rainbow gatherings over here. My friend Ros organised the first British Rainbow camp which was in Scotland about 3 years ago and I think that Ireland had its first Rainbow a couple years ago. I'm afraid it just doesnt work in the same form over here as it does in the US and in Oz.

    You see at the end of the 80's the government basically banned all 'free festivals' like Stonehenge Free Festival etc and they made life for new age travellers vertually impossible. The UK does have something of its own though which is pretty much unique to our islands. We have the camp scene. It doesn't work like Rainbow gatherings cos Rainbow is vertualy impossible due to British law but they are amazing places.

    You found Rainbow Circle, thats one of the camps. I don't want to offend any circlers but if I was you i would avoid it. The camp scene has got a long history Rainbow is a part of that. After stuff like Stonehenge got banned a guy caled Palden went to the top of a welsh mountain, took a lot of LSD and had a vision of the 'Oak Dragon'. This was the first ever camp and took place in 1987. Oak Dragon is still going, but there are lots of other camps too that split off from Oak Dragon. Rainbow Circle was of them and that was started by Sid the king of the Hippies who used to organise stonehange. Rainbow Cicle has split now and there is Rainbow Circle and Rainbow2000. There are also hundred of other camps that go on every summer. You'll find all of these on

    The basic gist of a camp is that a group of 'rainbows' get together for a while in a field where they camp for a while. The camps have organisers who arange for teachers to come to the camps and run workshops on anything from Shamanism and Magic to how to play the dij. these are experiments in community living, working with magic in nature.

    I'm assistant magical focaliser for Oak Dragon, and I make it my business to know everything there is to know about other camps and their historys. so if u have any questions just ask, same goes for anyone else who wants to know about british camp scene.


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