most wild magic mushroom story?

Discussion in 'Magic Mushrooms' started by streaker, Apr 28, 2007.

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    I have a good one but it is long so don't blame me if you get bored ...

    Although this story is years old it still feels like it happened yesterday. friend I knew had this huge stash of magic mushrooms, weed and booze and I suggested we take all that and go up to the deliware gap canoeing for five days and camping out. My pal never canoed down rapids before but I dident think that would be a problem. We went high up the river and got started. After only an hour it got hot as the sun rose and we got bored so we pulled over and I suggested we eat some of the mushrooms. Well, these were like three zip lock bags full of fresh shrooms and they had got a little wet somehow and they smelled pretty strong and I was sincerely worried they might lose their potency if we did not eat them all right then and there rather then stretch them out over the week for the trip. This was a silly idea. We had not eaten for twenty four hours so that the trip would be stronger but had not planned to ingest the entire amount. Anyhow, I figured I was experienced and could handle it. We continued down the river and I started to see strange things. The trees seemed too vivid. Too green. The few houses up there puzzled me. How could anyone live up here in this savage place I wondered. I started thinking of deliverance and Texas chain-saw massacre. The ripples in the water fascinated me and the changes the water made from having a calm surface one moment to swirls and small rapids the next were hypnotizing. The surface of the water was like a mirror broken by my paddle. Then I started to worry as the day advanced and I seemed to get higher and higher. The trees waved hello. I asked my pal Tom to help look for a campsite so we can get off the water. There was no level ground however. I started to worry and then we hit some heavy rapids. Tom panicked and lost his paddle. That is the worst thing of course so I dived into the water to retrieve it and saw the canoe overturn and tom hanging onto the edge go flying down the river screaming my name. I had the paddle however and dragged myself up to the high weeds along the shore. Dragon flies and butterflies danced around me in the tall grass. I marched down river till I could see Tom like a beached whale laying near the overturned boat alongside a half submerged tree. The clothes and the stash and the water had all been lost. The big tape deck and the tapes were socking wet. What a bummer. My head ached but worst of all was how parched and dry my throat was. I did not want to drink the muddy river water and as we sat around dejectedly thinking what else can go wrong the weirdest person I ever saw comes out of the woods and stares at us. He is some local dude with a stutter and a shifting look and suspicious manner. I asked him if he liked reggae music and he said wha...wha..what's dat? ... I knew then he was from another world. I asked if he knew where I could get water and he says up....da....da...road apiece. That there was a town through the woods not far. I told Tom I would go with him and come back and off we went. I realized twenty minutes later that I would never find my way back alone. And I started getting paranoid about the good ole boy next to me. We walked along the highway and started to weave into the traffic but he said nothing. I figured I could not trust him. We got to town and there were some rednecks drinking beers at a bar there and he introduced me to them but I realized at this point if I went back to my friends through the woods these guys would kill me for sure. No way. So the only thing I figured to do was turn myself into the police and warn them about these bad guys. I asked them where the police were and they sent me down a dirt road but it was a dirty trick since some vicious dog attacked I see finally the log cabin and american flag outside. I walk in and see this pot bellied upstate trooper and a female trooper as well. I tell the officer that I ate a huge amount of magic mushrooms but that nevertheless there are these dangerous guys in his town who are setting me up and will likely attack my friend in the woods tonight but that I don't know exactly where he is and anyhow if they would let me sleep it off I will be better in a few hours. Well, the cop asks "why are you dealing drugs in our town"? I say I am not a dealer but a user. He tells me he has to take me to the state hospital for evaluation. Well we get to the state hospital and it is already getting dark. I am still tripping but less intense then earlier. The hospital says I gotta go to a bigger state hospital where they can pump my stomach. They call this other dude who looks just like clint eastwood and who cuffs and frisks me even though I am in shorts and a t-shirt and obviously not dangerous. They put me in back of the cop car and I start asking them why they do what they do and how they got into that line of work and other inane questions. I am brought to the next hospital where a boris karloff doctor with huge bags under his eyes asks me what drug I took. Shrooms! I tell him and ask to be left alone. For some reason I gave the cop my parents phone number and they called my mom and asked her if they could pump my stomach and she told them no thank god. Anyhow, I spent the night reading a book they had there about car accidents with gruesome pictures in it and the next morning a social worker gave me money for a bus ticket home. The next day I call tom and he tells me when I did not come back he built up a big fire and heard noises half the night and took a thick branch and hit the fire with it yelling c'mon you bastards... come out and get it...I don't know if there ever really was a threat from those locals but apparently I was not alone in being paranoid that day. Anyhow, in the morning a police patrol boat picked tom up but since his uncle is a cop he get's along fine with them and after telling him I was ok they took him for donuts or something....
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    haha, nice story. tip, never, ever go to the cops while you're tripping unless you want to go insane! as for boating, maybe on half an eigth or so, but not more. good thing you didnt get your stomach pumped. it doesnt actually do anything helpful, just once experienced, its just like a punishment for ingesting the poisons that you did.
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    Haha, wow, that sounds crazy and intense... Hope you learned valuable lessons from that one! My first time, my cousin gave me something over 7 grams and I had very fun conversations with a tree about why it rains and then all the tree's babies laughed at me for not having any leaves :mad: ! Happy tripping!

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