most wild acid story?

Discussion in 'LSD - Acid Trips' started by streaker, Apr 27, 2007.

  1. streaker

    streaker Member

    Just curious....
  2. streaker

    streaker Member

    I'll go first - I have a few stories but most happened twenty years ago. One night my parents were not home and a friend of my uncle told me to come to the city - an hour by train - and that he would let me try some liquid acid he had. I did not know him well but being young and reckless I went. I arrived and he put a drop from an eye dropper on my finger. I said that it was too little and he laughed and said ok space cadet and put two more drops which I quickly swallowed. So I was hanging with him and his friend and within about twenty minutes I start freaking out and getting really paranoid. I tell him I gotta go and hop on a train back home. That train had a problem with the lights - or that car - and they were flickering on and off. I got more and more paranoid that somebody would kill me and finally when the train got to a station and I saw a cop I got off and told the cop that somebody was going to kill me on the train. This cop was really cool. He said that there was a special secret agent on the train whose job it was to protect me. I was skeptical but got back on the train and felt better for awhile. Finally after what seemed an eternity I got back to my neighborhood. I took my bike to the beach and it was like two in the morning. There was a full moon which was really big and black clouds in front of the moon. I looked at it for about an hour and got really scared cause it seemed to get bigger and bigger. I went home and took a hot shower for what seemed like an hour or two and calmed down. Can't remember the rest....This is NOT my most wild story - I will tell that one another time...
  3. Shigeru

    Shigeru Member

    Casino night with some friends, obviously tripping like there was no tomorrow. We were playing an electronic roulette game and pretty much just loosing when out of the sudden one of my friends goes nuts, he starts pounding the "monitor" of the game and saying things like "God damn this fucking place! You fucking Nazis!" because he had lost a big hand. The security of the casino started to circle him and talking through their radios. They surround him and ask him if their was a problem. I thought to myself "Shit, here he goes..." He started discussing with them saying that the game was rigged and that some one should burn the place down until finally one of the security dudes grabs him and takes him out of the place. When outsied all of us start walking home but this friend of mine decides that that wasnt enough. He grabs a rock and throws it against the wind shield of a parked limo outside the casino. I pray to the gods of LSD that the cops dont find a tape of us that night...
  4. PsychMyke

    PsychMyke Senior Member

    Ive been picked up and brought home by the cops candyflipping...they dont care as much as you think they would; at least in Maine.
  5. hebrewnational00

    hebrewnational00 Senior Member

    thats insane LOL ^^^^ i would b so paranoid in a cop car would b cool if they wrre really cool and they just took u home with no further trouble.
  6. squirell tree

    squirell tree Member

    i took 4 doses of acid once and was walking home, I just saw patterns everywhere, in the sky and in the grass and stuff. then i looked carefully at the sky and i saw an orgy. then i went home and couldnt sleep so drank hella and popped 2 pills then drank hella more then popped 2 more pills then drank hella more then popped 3 more pills and was up all night on the computer. It was one of the wierdest experiences ever, i saw atleast triples.
  7. Glordag

    Glordag Member

    Sleeping pills? You took 6 sleeping pills while drinking hella and tripping on 4 hits? Isn't that...unsafe? lol
  8. hebrewnational00

    hebrewnational00 Senior Member

    unsafe to say the leasttt!!!
    takin 4 hits by urself on the way home, then gettin home and takin a shit load of sleepin pills thats pretty wild dude:)
  9. short-man420

    short-man420 Member

    kinda sounds like Hendrix's death, sleeping pills and heavy drinkin
    good thing you didn't fall asleep face up
  10. alchemist357

    alchemist357 Member

    This is froma previous post over a month ago or so. But still a crazy ass story with depth.

    One acid experience i have had that was the scariest thing that could happen to anyone who is on LSD. The thought of being hurt very badly and even death. It was late at night and i took a full blotter square that had a picture of a smurf kicking a mushroom. I was at home very anxious and full of energy i decided to go on the hunt for some weed to smoke. I ran across 1 of my sister friends who had some and i asked him if he could smoke me out. He agreed, but i never let him know i was on acid. We jumped in his car and went to one of his spots where we could toke up. It was one of his friends and a room mate's apartment. We started to bullshit and he had mentioned that he was a pimp and had all sorts of chicks. He started to make phonecalls to set some of them up to come and kick it. He then told one of his friends not to tell Dana. I knew who he was talking about. She was fairly huge woman that was not sexually appealing at all. My dumb ass said outload, "Damn you be fucking with chicks like that? Ewwww." I was under the impression that this chick was like his steady GF/fuckbuddy of some sort. Ironcally Bordella of Blood was on television and i was trippin out on the movie and not paying attention to my surroundings. When like 20-30 seconds later this roomate dude comes out with his consrtuction hammer (16" in lenght /Heavy head) cocked back so far that his elbow was pointing straight up. This dude was after me! I TRIPPED THE FUCK OUT!! I didnt know why, i was stuck stupid like a deer in the headlights about to get crushed. I was damn lucky the guy i went over there with and the other roomate stopped him. They guy was drunk as fuck and face red with anger, but i had no clue why. All i had flashing thrugh my head was my life. How i died. Looking at it from an outsiders view, visualizing blood splatter, brain and bone fragments from my skull all over the wall. They told me then that Dana was his Fiance! He had every right to get mad like that, he was protecting the honor of his woman and i respect that. It was just plain shitty on my part because i didnt have any clue. I learned that night not not talk shit about anyone to anyone. I paid for what i said, physically un-hurt. Mentally, destroyed. I couldnt shake the thought the rest of the night as i watched cartoons safely at home. I was almost killed. This inccedent i will never forget.
  11. Glordag

    Glordag Member

    lol those would have been awesome last words... :p
  12. alchemist357

    alchemist357 Member

    what would of been awsome last words? sorry, im lost =P
  13. 2cesarewild

    2cesarewild I'm an idiot.

    rofl you are the man, first of all, just visualizing a fat nasty chick getting railed whle on acid is probably pretty hilarious. At least I think so. After saying "ew you fuck nasty chicks like that" I would have gotten a sweet mental picture, very vivid, and laughed uncontrollably.

    One time tripping out on some dancing elephants, i drove to burger king after we smoked a couple blunts. I jus like started ordering mad shit off the menu this was like real late at night and the guy kept trying to say something to me but i kept cutting him off and ordering more shit. My friends were laughing their asses off and I swear to god this guy sounded EXACTLY like a robot and he was saying "you can only order off of the late night menu" And his voice was no lie, a robot's voice. So naturally I start laughing pretty hard, then my friend leans over to me from the backseat and starts impersonating him like "danger, danger, all your base are belong to uuuuus" and other robotic nonsense, so then I kick into uncontrollable crying, cheek hurting laughter for like a minute straight all of us sat at the speaker laughing. Then I was like Oh... yea. and ordered off the late night menu.

    The craziest part about that whole story is that I actually ate the food.
  14. VaporDude

    VaporDude Member

    Yeeeaahhh the pink elephants on parade mothafucka. That art is all from the dream sequence in Dumbo, where Dumbo gets wasted and passes out and trips. I've never been able to eat while I am really zonked, which is lame because I usually end up getting headaches and low blood sugar symptoms after 6 hours or so, and can't really eat until I fully come down. 'Swonderful to eat a huge, nicely prepared meal after a long day of tripping though.
  15. Glordag

    Glordag Member

    "Damn you be fucking with chicks like that? Ewwwww."

  16. alchemist357

    alchemist357 Member

    Oh, LOL. yeah i would of went to fat chick hell for that one.
  17. Glordag

    Glordag Member

    rofl! the worst kind, I'm sure.
  18. alchemist357

    alchemist357 Member

    A personal experience i had while walking home at about the 5th hour of my trip on 4 liquid drops. I was thinking about myself and how i always appeard to others. As I was looking down, I became fixated on my shadows that were being cast from about 8 different street lights. It dawnd on me that i have multiple personality traits within myself that make up who i am as a person. It stopped me in my tracks not far from home and i stood there for a few minutes in total amazement.
  19. Beckner420

    Beckner420 troll

    long story short, since ive told it too much...

    me and a friend take a couple hits, meet a kid downtown sais theres a party at my friends house, we go there, soon as i open the door, the closet door falls over my head... people were trying to break the floor by stomping, axes through the walls(drunk kids) I call 411, mentioning to everyone it could be mistaken for 911.. ironicly the cops call saying someone called them(some girl fucked on mushrooms) 6 OPPs show up, flahing lights and all, we book outside, some kid tried driving away, fucked up, he ran away leaving his lights and alarm going off... i hid in a bush, tripping out thinking there was cop choppers heading for me, which was just factory noise... I surrender to the cops, we confess being high on acid, cops laugh and drive away.

    Funny though, seeing how the house was trashed, there was a half pound worth of pot in people hands... all his shit got stolen and he got booted out of his house for it... worst trip you could probably have, yet we had smiles on the whole time.
  20. eman resu

    eman resu Senior Member

    I have been lost in a national park at night for hours on end and another time i got in a car accident and split my head open and had to go to the hospital and get mad stitches.

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