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Discussion in 'Relationships' started by TheJoker, Apr 17, 2007.

  1. TheJoker

    TheJoker Member

    What do you guys think the most ideal romantic love confession is, from a guy of course. Ill share mine later lol
  2. neponiatka

    neponiatka Senior Member

    not most romantic but usual...
  3. hummblebee

    hummblebee hipstertist.

    You mean, like, most romantic way a guy can say he loves you? My partner said it to me before I was even thinking in that direction... (we were traveling together enjoying each other's company and sex for months before we actually admitted to anyone that we were "together") We were just hanging out one night talking, getting to know one another better, and he asked me what I thought of Star Trek. I told him "The old one was cheesy, but cool for what it started, TNG was cool with an awesome cast, DS9 wasn't a 'trek' and voyager sucked ass." He responded to that with, "wow, I love you." And then we both blubbered for a minute.

    My brother called me the other day to tell me he'd bought a ring for his girlfriend. They're going camping this weekend to celebrate her birthday and he plans to take her hiking up a big trail to a romantic viewpoint and propose. :) I'm so proud of that boy - he wants nothing more than a happy little family and he's found the perfect girl to join him in it. :D
  4. sexbanshee

    sexbanshee Member

    One of my favourite subejcts!!

    I only ever knew one very romantic man...i have
    his words written down in a book....I would like
    to have it buried with me when I pass over...!

    One or two of the things he said to me:

    "Thank you very much woman I adore and yes I know
    how very much you love me. I hope you now how much
    I do you......very likely eternally I will love you".

    "I need you lass very much, damn I love you woman.."

    "Loving the depths of you woman"

    "Love eternal indeed darling"


    Oh how I miss him!!
  5. What happened to him banshee? I have a feeling I will regret asking, as sad stories are the worst to me, but I'd like to know.
  6. His Eden

    His Eden Queen of Mean

    On our anniversary my husband said "Even in my dreams I could not have imagined a more perfect wife than you. You are my soul, my hopes, my dreams, and my deepest desire and every grey hair reminds me of another day I got to spend loving you"

    Yup! I am completely hooked on him too :D
  7. sexbanshee

    sexbanshee Member

    Share the Warmth

    My stomach and heart took a dive when I read your words

    It was impossible for us to be together...

    I have just had to let him go....we live almost 4000 miles apart...

    I feel he has coloured all my future relationships...didnt even meet
    him in the flesh..but talked a lot on the phone and by mail....

    We have a strong soul connection....will never meet another like him...

    I have decided to close down to love.....if I cant have what he offered me,
    dont want any other..

    Thanks for asking....are you a romantic too....:)
  8. Bella Désordre

    Bella Désordre Charmed

    imo actions speak louder than words. don't flirt with other girls, call me everyday and be romantic. you can say whatever you want but if your actions don't back you up I refuse to take you seriously.
  9. sexbanshee

    sexbanshee Member

    Well said girl!!!!

    Actions DEFINATELY speak louder than words

    But wouldnt it be nice to have both!!!!

  10. Bella Désordre

    Bella Désordre Charmed

  11. Freekowtski

    Freekowtski Member

    It's painful to think about my true confession. It makes me sad. But good memories from a beautiful and strange friendship, at least. :)

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