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Discussion in 'Higher Ed' started by Disarm, Jan 15, 2005.

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    What was the most important thing to know noone told you when you first moved out of home? Or, what was the most important thing to know noone told you when you started university?

    Things like how to cook cheaply/how to shop/best way to pack/how to study/what not to do/which classes to avoid...?

    (I'm moving out in about a month and I'm not too happy with my family's track record. Both my brother and sister got sick and had heaps of problems..)
  2. drumminmama

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    organization with bills so they get paid!
  3. dawn_sky

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    Things like how to cook cheaply

    Make stuff on your own instead of with pre-made stuff -- doing a beef stew in a crock pot tastes better, is overall cheaper (initial supply shopping costs more, but you can make a big batch & freeze most of it), & probably a bit healthier than buying dinty moore canned stew. Making a good pot of black beans & rice (as opposed to buying the zatarains pack) costs like $.79 for a can of beans, $.69 for diced tomatoes, & somewhere around $1 for a package of good rice that will last for multiple batches, tho that assumes you already have the spices from when you went shopping for basics...

    how to shop

    Make a shopping list, stick to it (as much as possible). Never go to the store hungry!

    what not to do

    Don't go overboard with your new freedom, whether that be partying too much, staying out all night at a coffee house, having friends over ALL THE TIME, whatever. Getting enuf sleep & getting the classwork done are the two most important priorities if you're in school. Experts say we need at least 8 hours of sleep each night -- trying to get by on 5 a night is likely to make you run-down, allowing you to get sick more easily, & make it more difficult to concentrate, so that schoolwork takes longer to get done!
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    I don't start school for another month or so, so I don't have anything yet.
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    dawn sky that is great advice. i am still in high school but take some college classes. i've met a lot of older people now and they are always like "lets not go to class " etc. and i feel like staying out late has really started to take its toll on me. i havn't been doing my work because i can not concentrate at all.

    you should definitely eat healthy balanced meals too. i haven't been and i am feeling the concequences.
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    how to study
  7. Green Shades

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    Well I learnt two things:

    Noone will give a damn if you start to mourn, so don't do it, if things get bad, try to cool down and to find a useful solution, or a really good friend.

    Try to get two accounts, with credit cards. The first one you use for the fees and things you cannot control. The second one is for food, brainfood and fun.
    (I did not do this from the beginning and as soon as they started to get my fees, my rents etc. I got put down in shops just because my money was vanished before I could buy bread)

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