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Discussion in 'Activist Polls' started by skip, Sep 28, 2007.

  1. skip

    skip Founder Staff Member

    What would you say is the most important issue today for activists?
  2. Carlfloydfan

    Carlfloydfan Travel lover

    gosh how could you even rank? At least I could never do it, let alone choose ONE.

    I think they are all of equal importance.

    I know that may sound like a cop out, but each one concerns me and keeps me worrying at times. Each has received attention from me and I have spoken to others and informed others about all of them.

    I think I complain most about the Iraq war. But again, just because a lot of my attention goes there, doesn't mean other things aren't just as important.

    I think Human rights covers all of them in some ways, so in the end I guess I would go with that. Because if we could improve human rights or keep those in mind while taking actions, a lot of your list could be rectified (yah right with all these nut jobs at the helms of various countries and greedy corporations and sleezly globalists, like that will happen.

    But many of the problems on that list stem from lack of human rights, among other things, like greed.
  3. Human rights has my vote.

    The first step to overcoming any issue is securing human freedoms. Empowerment leads to the uprising of persons, thereby allowing change in other issues to be made.
  4. Any Color You Like

    Any Color You Like Senior Member

    I voted for ''Other'' because I think that ''Our State of Mind'' would include most of these problems, if not all of them.
  5. Old N00B-ette

    Old N00B-ette Member

    I don't know where this falls, but HEALTH
    Everyone's physical health, not just Americans, but all people.
    Starvation, AIDS, Malaria
    If people are not healthy, how can they concentrate on the other things?

    Imagine-It's easy if you try.
  6. themnax

    themnax Senior Member

    all of the issues mentioned and many more besides are symptoms of the one issue that hasn't been. that even the most well meaning of people still keep trying to deny, and that is the connection between what we take for granted as being more and less important, and the kind of incentives the statistical consensus of our doing so creates.

    there are many of them, big, important, even signifigantly determinent of our survival or extinction as our own entire species. but this one consideration, so often ignored and overlooked, even in the most sincere of beliefs, openly expressing their purpose and wish, for us to become awair and to desire to avoid the suffering of each other and the causing of it. even they though, turn arround and give us cookbook formulae that are supposed to magicly substitute for this simple connecting the dots of understanding, on the presumption perhapse, that it is beyond the scope of our average collective mentality.

    conditions we experience and especially how we experience them, are not primarily the work of nature, nor of mysterious and all powerful awairness, but rather created as much and more by the combination of policies chosen by leaders and our own individual actions, the latter also contributing to those incentives again, which motivate those leaders to choose those policies. policies, which in the absence of recognizable decision makers exist anyway, again as a resault of those incentives what is important IN PRACTICE statisticaly add togather to create.

    things like the means of generating energy and our primary means of transportation are indeed choosen, or signifigantly influenced at the policy making level, yet the point remains, we are all participants in creating those incentives which in turn, not only policy makers, but every last one of us, subject ourselves to.

    evey one of those crysis would be readily solvable with simple logic, where there not deeply intrenched objections to doing so. and i don't mean morally legitimate ones either, however much they may try to pretend to be.

    it comes down to the fault at the root, making all these problems for us, comes from trying to impress ourselves and each other as individuals. putting doing so ahead of all consideration of the kind of incentives being created by doing so and the kind of world we are all having to live in as a resault of those incentives and the policies they inspire.

  7. gardener

    gardener Realistic Humanist

    Humanity and a sense that we are all part of a single purpose. Caring for each other, and not trying to win some reality show by showing that you are superior.

    When you die I don't think you get to take it with you. Maybe you pass it on to your offspring, and we are really trying repeal inheritance taxes so that the elite can once again reign supreme through bloodline, but can you guarrantee that your children will live as you have done...none of us can.

    The most important thing any individual can do is live their own lives in the most humane manner possible, and try to pass their life experiences to others. We can't do anything more.
  8. VegOut024

    VegOut024 Member

    I think animal cruelty should be on their, but even if it was I still would have said Darfur

    Not to say the others aren;t important
  9. Cate8

    Cate8 Senior Member

  10. SummerEco

    SummerEco Member

    All are equally very important but, i chose global warming because it's our planet thats in major danger. i mean what are we suppose to do with out it, where the heck would we go? all my respect and love to mother nature!!
  11. themnax

    themnax Senior Member

    of those mentioned, the web of life/environment (e.g. global warming) first.

    (because without that there is no us to have civil rights)

    civil rights second

    and everything else after that

    but everything else mentioned IS encompassed by environment, rights, or some combination of the two.

    and the one i mentioned; REAL values, encompassess both of THEM.

  12. Our rights!! By FAR our rights. People in this country do not realize that the government is slowly but surely taking away everything that our constitution (and we as human beings) holds sacred....Soon it will be to late, I believe that we will still be labeled a "Democracy" but will have obtained values similar to communism.
  13. I'd start with human rights. Even in our country it seems corporate rights prevail. Once we can get power to the people and not over the people I think these other issues would find resolve.
  14. 0817

    0817 Member

    I'd start with removing the government, because as long as there's government, people won't have complete rights. Otherwise that would defy the purpose of government, which will no longer have power over people. But I selected "capitalism", since it seems to be the second best option. It corrupts people and clogs their vision of what's truly important in life...
  15. The Jewish problem. Their use of American tax-payer dollars to arm Israel, the stanglehold they have on the media through which they spread their propaganda to dupe the "dumb goyim", their human rights violations in the mid east and Europe (the imprisonment of holocaust revisionists), their causing ww2 by declaring economic war on Germany by boycotting their goods, and lastly their massive exaggeration of Jewish deaths which mythically took place in gas chambers. An occurence which has not a single photo to verify it.



    Do you actually think that the German guards that testified at the Nuremburg trials were making up their statements concerning the recieving of, and usage of Zyklon B???? "economic boycott" eh???? I guess Germany just had a wing-ding economy going and decided to partition places like the Warsaw Ghettos as some sort of societal experiment eh?? Human rights abuses/land abuses/media manipulation by Israel; yeah, I'll give 'ya that...... I'm no supporter of Israel by and large, but Jeez, let's at least try and look at the situation with clarity and some honesty..............Squid
  17. gardener

    gardener Realistic Humanist

    Just for you Guy:
  18. Hmm globalwarming....then following down to war.....human rights....censorship
    we all have to pull together to survive I'm lookin at there
  19. johngrissom

    johngrissom Member

    I do not like this evil american government, because they have violated our rights here where we live. How many people would agree with me?
  20. yonosoymedico

    yonosoymedico Member

    devaluation of the american dollar

    google Ron Paul!!! 2008

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