Most amount of times you’ve had sex in the same day?

Discussion in 'Sex Polls' started by Andrew Hosman, Jan 25, 2021.

  1. Andrew Hosman

    Andrew Hosman Members

    My wife told me her and BF in high school had sex up to 13 times a day a few times. I asked if he came every time and she said yes. Does anything come out at that point? Lol. So I wonder if he faked it. I know they were young but most I think I ever had was 3 or 4. My balls would start to hurt after that.

    Anyone else ever gone that many times in a day?
  2. olderndirt

    olderndirt Members

    My wife and I had sex seven times on our wedding night, a record for both of us, also my first time having sex with anybody.
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  3. olderndirt

    olderndirt Members

    We dated almost 8 years, starting when we were 15. She had sex with others, but I promised her I would wait, and I did. I don't recommend waiting.
  4. Twice. Yeah only twice. I hope to do something about that this year.
  5. Toecutter

    Toecutter Moderator

    I’m guessing 6-7 I lived with crazy girl for a little over a year that wanted sex 24-7, we had sex 3-4 times daily, living with her was exhausting both physically and mentally.
  6. grower88

    grower88 Members

    When i was 26 i had a friend move in with me, she'd just broken up with her highschool BF who was the only guy she'd ever been with. Casual sex and dating in general was a fairly foreign concept in her books and she didn't know how to approach it, it took a couple weeks but we eventually hooked up and then she couldn't get enough, on weekends it wasn't uncommon for us to fuck 8-10times a day, by which point i was usually begging to stop as my cock and balls ached and after 4 maybe 5 orgasms the tank was dry, just shooting air after that
  7. Escierto

    Escierto Members

    I once spent a three day weekend with a woman in Mexico. I fucked her 14 times. Another time I met a transgender woman for a week. She fucked me five times the first time and 24 times after that. She had a small cock but that girl could fuck!
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  8. Alice in SC

    Alice in SC Members

    6 when hubby, me and Bill went to Wilmington to go Deep sea fishing!
  9. jimandjan

    jimandjan Member

    We have to go back to an ice storm, that shut every thing down. We were early 20's only activity we had was sex. 8-10 times a day, 2 days, any more I might not had made it, but what a way to go.
  10. Warmwet

    Warmwet Members

    Masturbation 5 or 6 times. Prefer 2 to 3 long sessions. Quality vs quantity IMO.

    Sex 3 in 24hr. It was awesome sex!
  11. Sexwise

    Sexwise Members

    Just three times in one night for me
  12. SaraSara

    SaraSara Members

    Not 13 for sure, maybe 4-5 is the most I’ve had
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  13. bored home

    bored home Supporters HipForums Supporter

    my hero!!!!
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  14. Sillysweet

    Sillysweet Members

    7 times within 5 hours. Tried for 8 but his tank was empty. We both slept the next 12 hours after that!
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  15. LiamWern

    LiamWern Members

    Around 10 times with my girlfriend when I was 15/16, it was a bit easier to do that when I was that age.
  16. Python 8

    Python 8 Members

    6 or 7 , can't remember for sure . A pal and I treated my wife to the night of her life and I lost count . She , on the other hand , had countless orgasms that night . My friend had only about three as he can fuck forever !
    I'm sure I was shooting blanks after a while but the same feelings were still there . We only quit because the sun came up and we were wanting breakfast somewhere .
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  17. Deejay88

    Deejay88 Members

    So hot
  18. On our honeymoon it was a Fuckfest. We both took the lead & instigated sex equally. Even after 5 years of marriage nothing has changed. It's not uncommon for her to tell me She needs a good hard fuck at any time of the day or night. Equally if I say what about a blow job she never says no
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  19. mr man

    mr man Supporters HipForums Supporter

    One blowjob and four times in her pussy.

    I could have kept going but she was ten years older than me and I think she was at the limit.
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  20. SaraSara

    SaraSara Members

    How do you know I didn’t just lay there? :p
  21. Anybody who contributes to this forum will not just lay there when having sex!
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