mosaic flower pot planter

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    What you will need:

    Terra cotta flower pot

    Old broken dishes(from yard sales are great and cheap)

    Paint to match dish pattern

    Tile grout

    Old dish towel

    Plant in a plastic pot to fit inside your new planter


    Strong household glue


    First, the fun part - take your dish, wrap it in the dish towel, and take the hammer to it! Break the dish with the side of the hammer, then check to see if the shapes are what you want and the flowers or patterns are showing; you want pieces that are not too small or two large. Being careful not to cut yourself, take one piece at a time and place your pieces in a bowl. Now glue the back of each piece and place onto the top, in separated areas - you must make sure the pieces do not touch so you can apply the grout. Let dry fully so that when you put on the grout the pieces wont fall off.

    When dry, place your grout all over. Try to keep it off the glass - but you are sure to get some of it on. If so, let dry about 5 minutes and whip off with a damp towel. Make sure you get all the grout off the glass.

    Let your flower pot dry.

    I painted the top of the flower pot as shown and I painted the design of the plate on the top.

    Then I painted the grout the most shown color of the dish.

    Enjoy !

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