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Discussion in 'Exotic Psychedelic Plants' started by LSD, May 20, 2004.

  1. LSD

    LSD Member

    whats the best way to prevent naseua from morning glory?
  2. eat_some_LSD

    eat_some_LSD Senior Member

    Pepto Bismol. ;)
  3. bobfirechief

    bobfirechief Member

    Wash them in a collander with warm water and a mild soap , if you still get sick try taking 1 tablet of dramamine .
  4. extract the polar stuff (LSA) and leave the nonpolar stuff (puky nousea crap) in the seed mush.
    easiest way to do it:
    use cold distilled water over ground seeds for ten minutes and then filter. polar stuff goes in water, nonpolar stays in seed mush.
  5. Eugene

    Eugene Senior Member

    Cannabis or ginger(fresh) works fine.
  6. ive found that dramamine taken about 30 minutes to an hour before seeds help alot,also have pepto handy
  7. RFyellow

    RFyellow Member

    Just "bite the bullet" and get throught will be well worth the nausea when the trip starts kickin in.
  8. bathory231

    bathory231 Member

    I just grind them up and then dump them in a blender with 8oz of skim milk. Haven't thrown up yet. I felt a little nausea with a high dosage but didn't throw up.
  9. psilonaut

    psilonaut Mushroom Muncher

    Pack the powder into 00 gel caps, that way you dont taste a thing... and if the nausea still bothers you, just smoke a little grass.

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