Mordecai Richler

Discussion in 'Books' started by alex714, May 27, 2004.

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    hes a canadian writer, from montreal. im reading 'the street' right now, almost finished it actually. its a collection of short stories, all related to him growing up in a working-class jewish neighbourhood. its extremely nostalgic and his writting is very attractive, you can really imagine what he's writting about without an overflow of misplaced detail. funny yet touching, with a truly real feeling too the stories. anyways, i thought id share this, not knowing how well known richler is abroad. its a great read and i cant wait to read more of his work.
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    I've been meaning to read "The Adventures of Duddy Kravitz" after seeing the movie on TV some years ago. It was right after he died, and they had a special thing on him all night.

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