Month 8..

Discussion in 'Dreadlocks' started by OregonHerbalist, Jan 15, 2009.

  1. I thought it was about that time again, i havent shared any pics in months..

    I backcombed once, and just used residue free natural soaps (pears, ivory etc..) , and acv/baking soda off and on for a deep clense. I wash my dreads every 4-6 days..

    My camera is just a low reso web cam, and it acually makes my hair darker than it really is which sucks but oh well.....

  2. Glacius

    Glacius Member

  3. spiralmama

    spiralmama Member

    I like the size of them! Looking good man. :)
  4. Many thanks....
    A few congos ran away from me early on, so I just let them be. Alot of the other dreads caught up with thoes in width though. They just keep getting fatter as loose hairs find a home. I diddnt think that would be the case early on though, because I backcombed really tight.
  5. mamamojo

    mamamojo Member

    Right there with you! Looking good ;)
  6. Right on...:peace:
  7. DetunedRadio

    DetunedRadio Member

    oregon !! bad ass :) i'm liking the progress. you're like a month old than mines, yet yours look a few more months older :) wish i had longer hair to start with heh.

    I remember at one point I asked where your sig was from but cant find the thread :/ im always baked and lose track of things easily. So mind reshooting, if possible, where the sig is from :) thx.
  8. Thanks dude..
    Oh, the pic, well I dont quite rember anymore
    Ive been smoking alot of hash lately..
  9. mamamojo

    mamamojo Member


    It's crazy how y'all just put your business out there on a public forum, yk?

    Glad to hear hash is still around though. That's something I've only ever encountered twice. Is it like an endangered species of drugs or something? Or is it a regional thing - you can get it in some places and not in others?

    Jan 22nd I will have had my dreads 7 months. I think it's cool how everyone's lock vary even at or near the same ages.
  10. mamamojo,
    Where I live its basically legal, thats why i dont censor myself..
    That sucks that you dont encounter hash more, its wonderful. We are used to seeing it all the time luckly, but I live in Oregon, the Pacific Northwest is a gem like no other....:D
  11. mandyland

    mandyland Senior Member

    they look good man!
    LOl about hash. Only smoked it once and felt amazing. It was such a fun high. We were at a Dave Matthews show and I remember laying on the grass listening to the music and being able to feel the earths actually was prob laced with something cuz the sky was all tie dye like too. It was a trip. =]. Dont do any of that stuff anymore though with a kid and all. Being a mommy doesnt leave you with any time to get high.
  12. mamamojo

    mamamojo Member

    Right there with you LOL
  13. shadygrov

    shadygrov Member

    I didn't realize people didn't get to experience hash that often. I make it many times of year in many different forms. I love it and it consider it a real treat. When it comes to hash I have always gone by the phrase 'if it don't bubble it's not worth the trouble'. Good hash will bubble when its smoke and turn back to its original powdered state by the heat in the palm of your hand. In ancient times people would make hash and would yield different levels of social status by their quality. It was currency in some cultures. I can't remember where I read this but hash has gone back for thousands of years and it readily available all of world today if you know here to look. ;)

    Now back to dreadlocks.... Nice progress. I would love to see them under a high res camera.
  14. DetunedRadio

    DetunedRadio Member

    hash is wonderful, knife hits make me gagaa :p good deal on the sig pic. I'm just fascinated at the detail captured through ones eyes. Trippy goodness haha.
  15. mandyland

    mandyland Senior Member

    haha knife hits...i remember doing that shit back in High school. lol.
  16. WoodsCall

    WoodsCall Member

    Yo Oregon, they're looking great. I know you said the pics are low-res, so I'm having a hard time figuring out if you have some white hairs in those dreads.....

    IF SO

    F YEAH. I love random white hairs.

    Good deal on the hash. Please enjoy it for all of us who currently don't have access to such finery.
  17. DetunedRadio

    DetunedRadio Member

    lol knife hits are so ghetto, busting out the stove and having 2 knives sitting there :p but seriously, pinch of hash + funnel + hot knives = u are winning in more ways than one.

    -conserving: hash is awesome, 'nuff said
    -retarded baked - you'll get a lot more than your pinch worth
    -you're bad ass if u use knives without hurting yourself or looking goofy ^_^
    -you get a clean smoke, an not butane coated nastiness.

    although all this is only worth the effort if hash is involved <.< if u do this on a day to day basis. Buy a lighter.

    my 2cents :cheers2:

    EDIT: all the people missing out on hash, there are a gazillion ways of making it, and the least effort required is seriously a kief catcher on ur grinder, scrape those sexy trichomes off whenever, and use a "pollen presser" to make disks of compact kief a.k.a. hash.

    I've even heard of people running the tips of their index finger on kief and grinding it on to the tip of the thumb. you know when friction and heat removes dirt from your hands? same idea for kief. Ball it up and voila.

    blargh *toke toke toke* yaaah:sifone:
  18. I hope i dont have any white hairs
    I think its just the cam doing that, or im in serious denial about the possible white hairs..:D

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