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Discussion in 'Rainbow Family' started by lilfriendlysocal, May 31, 2004.

  1. Are there any Montana Kidz on here? Bozeman? Missoula? Billings? Butte? Any Montana Rainbows? We're new way out on the high eastern prairies and would like to know where other rainbows are. We are looking for Montana gatherings.
  2. Anyone? how about surrounding states? ND, SD, WY?
  3. tikoo

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    Good Rainbows are everywhere in Montana! If you need to find a glob of'em , then playin a drum downtown Mizoo or Bozo or in a Rez town works ok as a hello . ummm ... boomboom HI ! I suppose you smell like a Rainbow , huh , with cowshit twixt your toes .
  4. Well I know there are rainbows in the west, missoula, I've heard of drumming circles in Bozeman, still that's over 300 miles west of where I am. I'm thinking of crashing one of their full moon drumming circles in Bozeman or a potluck, just wondering if any Montana rainbows that live in these remote areas of the state were on the boards here. We're new to the area, it's the size of Tenn. with only 75,000 people total. Very remote and isolated out here.
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    I heard this joke at the Montanna Gathering in 2000:

    "A Montannan, a Mexican, and a Californian go hunting. The Mexican takes a bottle of tequilla out of his pack, takes a pull off it, throws it into the air, draws his pistol, and shoots it on the fly. He says, 'In Meh-hi-ko, we have mucho tequilla'. The Californian then takes a bottle of wine from his pack, uncorks it, gulps down a manly sized drink, throws the bottle into the air, draws his pistol, and shoots it on the fly. He says, 'Like, in California, dude, we got, like, plenty of wine'. The Montannan takes a beer out of his pack, chugs it, throws the empty on the ground, crushes it with his waffle stompers, draws his pistol, shoots the Californian, turns to the Mexican, and says, 'In Montanna, we got a lotta Californians'.

    Good Luck.;)
  6. I'm not really from California, just lived there before here. OUt in eastern Montana there's few californians because it's such a harsh climate, I don't think many of them would survive the winters when the wind is blowing 60 miles per hour and it's 30 below zero. I have created an alter ego that fits my Montana personality better, but I have lots of folkies that know me by lilfriendlysocal, so I have kept it.

    Montana Joke #2:

    A man moves to a ranch in Montana. The neighbor comes over the hill one day and says,
    "I'm lettin you know I'm gonna have a party this weekend."
    Man says, "That's fine with me."
    Neighbor says, "Well there's most likely going to be some loud music and lible to be some dancing."
    Man says, "That sounds like a fun party."
    Neighbor says, "There's most likely gonna be some drinking and some cussin and spittin."
    Man says, "OK"
    Neighbor says, "I'm sure there'll be some fighting."
    Man says, "Well that sounds like a party."
    Neighbor says, "There's bound to be some sex too."
    Man says, "Sounds like a fun party, loud music, dancing, cussin, spittin, fighting, sex, who's going to be there?"
    Neighbor says, "Just you and me."
  7. It's this weekend, a 4 day creative art, music sharing and contributing fest in Huntly, near Billings on the Yellowstone river. Music: anything and everthing drums, electronica in the wilderness, punk and whatever else happens to wander out of the forest or down the stream. Last year 350 showed up and it was the best party I've been to in Montana. Lots of kids from Missoula and Bozeman and the remote far reaching voids of the state, like Sidney, where I happen to reside. I just got back from a 1563 mile roundtrip tour from the far reaching eastern edges of Montana to Glacier Park in the northwest and my wheels don't have that many more miles before sudden doom occurs, hence I'm at home on the range this weekend. But I encourage anyone looking for the most kick ass time of their life to check it out. There's a bit from one of the organizers in the Billings Gazett today, Randy Sherwood, Billings. I've conversed with him about he event all winter and it is happening again.
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    :p hey all.... I just now have FINALLY been able to post replies since the change over an i guess i missed a lot! but anywhoz... Montana.... there's not a lot of family in Helena, but quite a few kids do move through there... if anyone ever finds themselves in Helena.... find the God's Love mission. It's right down town... (they also have some really kewl new-age shops.. books, an stones an stuff) when u get there, ask about Rooster... (he's my dad) tell him you know me ;) he'll set u up... they have really good food there too.... (he does all the cookin!)

    Lovin U family!!
  9. tikoo

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    a montana gathering is now ! near livingston ....

    ha! I'm here and don't see nuthin going on so i asked
    around town and get the notion that it's done
    and over , so i got a nice camp along the yellowstone river .
    yaya , i like this town actually . spose i'll move here . it's
    anyway and somehow the end of a trail .
  10. tikoo

    tikoo Senior Member

    and then just when i get out on the freeway these indians squeeze me into their sedan , and we go to the woods , to the Crazy Mountains , to the rainbow ...o

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