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  1. stranger

    stranger Member

    first, i have to say money confuses the fuck out of me sometimes and i cant help but laugh at how silly it all is and how little i comprehend of what it means to most people.

    anyway, my perspective on money has changed so much this summer. seems like when you least want it the most you get soooo godamn much of it... but when you try and convince yourself you need it, its like it is totally beyond your reach.ah well, i guess thats life for for you. what do you guys think of money???? do you make a lot of it? doing just one thing or what???
  2. logicalway

    logicalway Hip Forums Supporter HipForums Supporter

    Develop a bacterium that thrives on the fibers that Amerikan money is printed on & doesn't infect the folks that touch it.
  3. ihmurria

    ihmurria fini

    more please
  4. stonems

    stonems Member

    i hate money the world revovles around money its like no one can live with out it but you really cant i mean life is life reality is reality sry bout the spelling but fuck money
  5. Hacker

    Hacker Vescere Bracis Meis

    Yeah, it has become a necessary evil. Money is nice to have, but it has taken a backseat to more important things to me such as relationships and family. This really turns into a spiritual conversation with me, so I will nip it before I go on a long windy rant.
  6. stranger

    stranger Member

    i know exactly what you mean. we value production so much more over life in this world, its sad really.
  7. eh, i have a love/hate relationship with money. i have a lot of credit card debt and today ive been kinda upset about money... because dan and i made a bank error *well, dan made it, not me.... but yeah....* and we got like five "insufficient fees" added to our account and yeah... it makes me mad sometimes. it makes me mad when i have to choose between paying the rent and buying food and having to resort to going to a food bank....

    but usually i dont really get angry about it, it's just like "eh...., it's money- gotta have it, no need to REALLY THINK about it, just do what you need to do to have and get what you need or want to get"

    money is kinda important to be cause i want to have a baby within a year and a half and around that time we are going to be looking into owning a home. plus i enjoy traveling a lot.... so yeah, you need money for that.

    at the same time, i hate how money makes people (including myself), greedy at times and that is why i like to try to keep things simplistic.
  8. Hacker

    Hacker Vescere Bracis Meis

    I had an uncle that pushed his kids to put money first. Go after the big jobs, move wherever the money is, and screw those you meet along the way. He saw his daughter maybe once a year. His son severed all ties with him years ago. He pushed his wife's sister's kids next. Their father left - divorce - and they sort of looked up to this guy. Now they are all over the country. And every one of them are making loads of money and yet they are miserable. I understand taking chances in life, and following your dreams. But forsaking all for money... I don't get. BTW, my uncle passed away last year. He was an immigrant from Germany. Came over with 50 cents to his name and eventually owned a car dealership as well as selling farm equipment for Midwest Livestock. He had a huge house filled with great things. He really was a fantastic man, and quite a fun guy to be around. But the one thing we disagreed on was the drive to be wealthy over happy, in love, etc. His son returned one last time to see him, but his father was unable to return the favor.

    I found compromise. I am making a solid living, but I also married my soulmate. That would never have happened if I pursued more money in larger cities. I am around my family and friends. I am happy with my life. When it is all said and done here, you can't take money with you. I believe true love does live on... as corny as that sounds.
  9. mystical_shroom

    mystical_shroom acerbic

    money is money not any more complex than that...
    I earn it, pay bills and sit on the rest and do the same thing every month...
  10. squawkers7

    squawkers7 radical rebel

    money talks, but all mine will say is...goodbye
  11. mystical_shroom

    mystical_shroom acerbic

    i love it when i am cleaning my apartment and find some cash..its like christmas :D
  12. daisymae

    daisymae Senior Member

    Yep, when I do the laundry, you better make sure you took the money out of your pockets....otherwise it's considered a "tip"......:D
  13. Money is good

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