Mom of 2 yr old w ?'s beginning w how to start off...?

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  1. Hi, my son is two years old and I'm not saying I am going to homeschool him or I'm not. Been I am considering it. That said, I don't know anything too much about it so I figure it is time for me to learn now. I will say that the junior high school that he would be going to if we don't move before then had a school shooting a few years back where a 13 yr old boy shot the principal and killed himself and then turned the gun on himself killing himself to in front of the whole school. I also went to this school district (years before that) and had and saw bad experiences with bullies and just narrowminded people and realllly don't want my son exposed to things like that. It scares me to think of it.

    But, back to homeschooling...anyone who has any experience in it... could you first tell me how to get started? And what all you need to do to fit the curriculum? And also if you'd wanna go into things like what you personally see as the positives and negatives about it I'd appreciate it. Thanks!!
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    I put my kids in connections academy. The lessons are tough in some subjects and you will be a full time teacher at home. The school is good but the teachers won't be doing all the work. I would look into that and whatever kind of homeschool groups and institutions are in your area. go talk to the people who are in charge. With connections you can call and they have open house visits to familiarize people periodically. Get you child familiar with computer learning, there are lots of free and paid sites for youngsters to learn on these days. is one and the kids seem to like it. Acclimate them to learning this way. Buy them any kind of learning dvd's and such now that are geared for their learning level. Give the child as much of a head start as possible. There was some kind of reading thing that was teaching very young kids to read that everyone was making a fuss about, I can't remember what it was called but it was on tv.

    Kids get bored at home with homeschool so make sure you have something for them to do, join a group in your area that allows kids to do things together. It's a lot of work running around to the field trips and meetings and you will spend a more than you think in gas with that stuff but the kids need it. Unless you're lucky enough to have friends and family with kids that your child sees often enough to blow off steam.

    Also having your kids at home lets you see their weaknesses and strengths that you may not hear about from the school since they sometimes just pass kids along. Anyway good luck.
  3. I also use the K12 program which is associated with Connections Academy, Agora, PA Cyber Schools and on line schools nationwide. It is a great resource for parents because they help you to homeschool your child for free plus you get free books and materials and they give your a child a real teacher that can advanced your child in grades and whatever. I highly recommend it for newbies. Google search "online public school"
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    I agree with using I've used it with 3 two-year-olds so far. I unschool but all you can really do right now is just read up on other homeschoolers and the policies in the state you plan on homeschooling in. There are as many different ways to homeschool as there are homeschoolers. Virtual schools are a good option I think, if they are free in your state and you want a guideline/curriculum. There are all kinds of free curriculum as well as ones you can pay for. Meadow Oak is a popular one. Lastly, look for groups in your area, co-ops, homeschool classes and programs. Some homeschool groups have activities for kids under school age, though you'd probably have to volunteer with the group to get involved.

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