Mocked chicken? what is that?

Discussion in 'Vegetarian' started by Neonate, Jan 23, 2005.

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    Few weeks ago I was in singapore and I went to this really nice chinese restaurant with my family and I was really amazed by the vegetarian menu there. I ordered this food that was "mocked chicken" and the food was on the vegetarian menu and I asked the waitress about 3 times that what is it and she kept on telling me its vegetarian and its not real chicken so I decided to order it. When I got the food I was amazed because it looked like chicken and tasted like chicken but it wasnt chicken...Can anyone here explain to me what is "mocked chicken"? (in the menu it said "Mocked chicken")
  2. Lodog

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    A chicken that was impersonated badly.
  3. howl

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    might have been dog.....
  4. If you are ever in Bangkok you should try the chilli beef that is not beef at the vego restaurants there..tis so good, my vego friend didn't like it but then she doesn't like anything that tries to impersonate meat, I found that the dishes that they made gave me an opportunity to try some flavours that don't exist in the vego dishes that they do.

    Buddhist monks in Thailand, China, Japan, India and other countries have developed this style of cooking where they work with soya and make it into a very textured dish and this is what you would have tried, it's very clever and hard to fnd in western countries, here we normally get slimy gluteny soya things that people try to pass off as vege substitiutes. It is actually part of the buddhist cooking that is closely related to their religion and I thank them for expanding the possibility for my tastebuds, tis always fun to try new flavours!!
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    I have a recipe for "mock chicken" if you want. It's generally made out of gluten. I dunno about the mocked chicken though....
  6. half the trouble with being vegetarian in asia can come from the language!!! let alone in English if you look at a couple of the veggie or not debate threads (damn I so understand why people would offer me fish now!! come on pescatorians, give me a break!!)!! I am so sure that mocked meant mock in that case...that is chicken that is not real....pretend..was it yummy by the way?
  7. usually the way I have heard it termed "Mock Meat" is something that is trying really hard to be meat but don't worry because its not real meat it veggie. Though if you are a vegan and you go to a resturant with mock meat double check it is vegan because often in veggie burgers eggs or something simaler is whats holding everything together.

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