Mock issues

Discussion in 'Random Thoughts' started by Frieden, Feb 18, 2009.

  1. Frieden

    Frieden Senior Member

    Everybody put on their thinking caps, so I don't have to.

    Are you ready? Ok good.

    List some outrageous mock issues.

    PS. If you open this thread up, you MUST contribute to it or the forum Gods will curse you for a lifetime of posting. Mmmk?
  2. deleted

    deleted Visitor

    news flash. :rolleyes:

    I mocked the plane crash and the killer monkey..

    Now all I need is: Killer monkeys on planes.. :D
  3. Frieden

    Frieden Senior Member

    Orsion, you're a crazy fucker....talkin bout plane crashin monkeys....
  4. Jaitaiyai

    Jaitaiyai Cianpo di tutti capi

    Mock Issues?
    What, like, no mascara on independance day? :willy_nilly:

    Wait, I shouldn't be posting, I like forums...
  5. mamaKCita

    mamaKCita fucking stupid.

    i don't get it.
  6. deleted

    deleted Visitor

  7. Dragonfly

    Dragonfly Senior Member

    I know right, whut?
  8. Jaitaiyai

    Jaitaiyai Cianpo di tutti capi

    That's sad. :( [to orison]
  9. CaptainLS

    CaptainLS Banned

  10. deleted

    deleted Visitor

    You Say its your birthday... Its my Birthday too...
    John Joseph Travolta (born February 18, 1954)...

    See why I no longer work for Infinity Broadcasting.. Im to much for them.. :D
  11. Dragonfly

    Dragonfly Senior Member

    wow 2 people have put with you, I feel sorry for them...
  12. mariecstasy

    mariecstasy Enchanted

    whats a mock issue?

    I have a box of tissues.
  13. Frieden

    Frieden Senior Member

  14. mariecstasy

    mariecstasy Enchanted

  15. Frieden

    Frieden Senior Member

  16. Dragonfly

    Dragonfly Senior Member

    :rofl:, even though I'm not even sure what a Mock Issue is, that's still funny
  17. deleted

    deleted Visitor

  18. CaptainLS

    CaptainLS Banned


    GLENGLEN Lifetime Supporter

    I Looked Up "Mock Issues" In The Urban Dictionary..

    It Came Up "Not Defined Yet"..

    Thats Good Enough For Me..

    If It's Not In The U.D........It Doesn't Exist.......RIGHT.??

    You Did Say...If You Open This Thread You Must Comment..:rolleyes:

    OR The "Boogie Man" Will Get You..:eek:

    Just Covering My Ass..;)

    Cheers Glen.

    EDIT.......Have Just Checked 4 Online Dictionary / Encyclopedias..

    All Come Up ..."Phrase Not Known".....????

    EDIT-EDIT......Yessssssss!....Just Googled It And Came Up With 5,460,000

    Explanations...(and yes i read every one).

    So Here It Is Fellow Forumers........A Mock Issue Is >>>>>>>>>>>

  20. deleted

    deleted Visitor


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