Mixed signals!!??

Discussion in 'Lesbian' started by Lilac333, Apr 13, 2013.

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    I really love this one girl but I just can't tell if she's showing interest or if we're just friends because girls are naturally affectionate and flirty :/

    We text all day every day and we've recently started talking on the phone some nights. She's a freshman in college and I'll be going to the same college next year. She knows I have feelings for her and she said that we should work on "the weird situation" and make it into a friendship because that's the only thing she's sure she wants. But then she's always sending hearts trough texts, saying "<3 I like you" and sending heart emoticons after we talk on the phone. Is this normal between normal friends!!??? I normally fall asleep before her on school nights and she always sends goodnight texts with "I love you" or "love you" or something of that sort.

    I can't take this mixed signaled thing because it kills me when I think of her with another guy... I get really jealous and am insecure since she's at college and all. She doesn't go to parties much but when she does I get nervous :/ I know it's not my place to get jealous or anything since we're not dating but I can't stand thinking about her dancing with another guy or anything else!!!

  2. I hear you...i have a similaf situation going on. i know this girl I'm in love with has feelings for me...I'm just not sure of the extent of it. texting is a bitch when you're trying to figute out someone's feelings. she sends me hearts too and xoxo. but she's not sure about being in a relationship eith a female. she has told me that it bothers her that she's not sure if she would be comfortable pleasing me, but has dreamt about it and had no issue in the dream. maybe your girl is the same? It's usually a head vs heart thing where you feel a certain way but your head says it's not right because it's not what you are used to. it's not right for her (or mine) to flirt knowing how we feel about them. Maybe ask her how she means that she loves you? Or talk about going out on a date with someone else and see how she rescts. a friend of mine wanted to set me up with someone and told the girl I'm interested in and she got really jealous....she apparently has feelings.

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