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Discussion in 'Real Kinky' started by crpa1971, Sep 17, 2013.

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    I wrote before about my neighbor who became my Mistress. Well, she's still enjoying it, and has plenty of ideas which I've been glad to try. We took a trip to the shoe store, and per her instructions, I carried her purse and followed her as she browsed the shoes. Every time she found a pair she liked, she sat down on the nearest bench and told me to find her size and try one on her. I gladly did so, kneeling before her and slipping her shoe off and slipping the new shoe on. The store was not very crowded, but I did see some customers looking at us. Perhaps they thought I was just a very considerate boyfriend. After trying dozens of pumps, she finally told me to give her a foot massage. So I knelt there in the middle of the shoe store and rubbed her feet for at least 5 minutes. Then she told me to put her shoes back on - black patent leather heels, my favorite. Before I could get back up, she looked around and said, "Kiss my shoe"
    I looked around, but didn't see anyone nearby. So I leaned down and planted a big wet kiss on the pointy toe of her black pump. She giggled. Then she had me carry her purse and the shoes that she was going to buy.
    That night, she allowed me to worship her new shoes in her apartment - red patent leather pumps!
  2. crpa1971

    crpa1971 Guest

    I have not yet worked up the courage to kiss her shoes in a public place when someone is around to see. Not sure if I would get into trouble...

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