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Discussion in 'Dreams' started by Antimatter235, May 25, 2004.

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    In my last dream i was (or believed i was) going crazy and out of control. It was like an "imitation" of psychosis, schizophrenia or something like and hallucinations. But i was still aware and thought there was something wrong in my mind.

    Also a girl and I were on a rollacoaster ride and at the end it was like the rails were cut off and they were turned towards the sky... Oh and something like that before happened but it was just a trick... With all the speed the wagon got very high, i expected something to grab us... But no we just fell and hit the ground a little too fast, and "felt" my whole body to turn into pulp and saw some bodily damage too. I could actually see the ground getting closer faster and faster, really scary.

    In fact we got into the madhouse after that. The "hospital" (it didn't look like one actually) was run by people with bad-intentions and i felt that i was trapped in it because i was never going to heal and not be able to plan the escape out of the damn thing.

    It the first time in a dream that i feel like i'm going totally nuts and lose control like that. You know, usually you're just trapped because of something external. Too bad i don't remember the dream that much but i did find a couple things fun (like psychedelic visions and the rollercoaster ride before it finished).

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